K-Drama Rewind: Secret

Do you know that Hwang Jung-eum and Ji Sung’s first team-up was so phenomenal that it even crashed the highly popular youth drama The Heirs in the ratings game in South Korea? Both veteran actors in their own rights, their success was quickly followed by another drama, Kill Me, Heal Me.

Secret (13)

It’s Busy Ahjussi‘s birth month, so this week’s segment will be dedicated to him. I asked him to request a drama that will be featured in Grumpy Flashback, and guess what? He chose the one drama I don’t want to feature! True friend, right? Don’t get mad at me just yet, but I have a pretty good reason why I don’t like this drama at first. Well, you can agree to disagree with me on this. I have high tolerance for heavy melodramas, but this drama just tested my limits. The first scene I saw which convinced me not to watch it was the heroine’s iron scene inside the prison. You all know what I am talking about so let’s start digging deeper into this tragic mess called Secret.


Our heroine Kang Yoo-jung goes to prison in place of her boyfriend (Bae Soo-bin) who was the involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed Jo Min-hyuk’s (Ji Sung) pregnant girlfriend. This pretty much sums up how the main characters’ lives got intertwined but I promise you there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Yoo-jung took the blame for the hit-and-run to save her prosecutor boyfriend’s reputation, but she was betrayed by him in the end.

Secret tops Hwang Jung-eum’s best drama list for me. She is heavy drama personified. The melodrama overdose could be overwhelming for someone who prefers light romance comedies, but I have to give props to Jung-eum unnie for pulling it off with flying colors. She was literally crying in each of the 16 episodes. I warn you though that the first half of the series was soooo unbelievably dragging. You might want to just enter the small screen and help our heroine to get out of her depressing life.


I was not a fan of Ji Sung coming in to this drama. I never liked any of his previous works (I know, forgive me!) and I was hesitant to watch this because of the super heavy premise. But guess I have to admit that I was wrong.

Ji Sung portrays the playboy chaebol Jo Min-hyuk. He was the usual stubborn, playful rich kid who has no qualms in using his moolah to get anything he wants. But every thing has its own price, and when Min-hyuk is faced by the threat of an arranged marriage, he will do anything to stop it.

His love for his dead girlfriend in this drama was also admirable but borderline crazy. The things he did to make Yoo-jung’s life miserable made me cringe with annoyance. I almost quit this show halfway because of Min-hyuk’s power-tripping. But there must be a reason behind the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” that we have to always remember. I don’t want to spoil the drama’s main twist but yes, I surrendered and ended up loving the hero after all.

Secret (7)


I wanted to tweak his neck whenever he comes out on screen. I commend Bae Soo-bin for portraying An Do-hoon, Yoo-jung’s prosecutor boyfriend. He shined in this drama. This drama would not be this convincing if not because of Do-hoon and Yoo-jung. He really loved her at first, but things got complicated after they were involved in a hit-and-run incident. After Yoo-jung took the blame for him, he changed into this power-hungry maniac who does everything to cover up the homicide. I can’t forgive him for abandoning Yoo-jung’s father and suspecting Yoo-jung of telling the truth to Min-hyuk.


Shin Se-Yeon (Lee Da-hee) is a successful painter, daughter of an assemblyman, and Min-hyuk’s fiance. She loves Min-hyuk and is willing to bring hell to everyone just to push through with their marriage. I admit I loved Se-yeoni in the first half of the series. I thought that she was just this privileged girl who can’t have the man she likes. I thought she will remain the simple daughter who follows her father’s orders. I thought she was just hurting just as everyone else in this dramaverse. But things took a swift turn when she joined forces with Do-hoon in making sure that the love between our OTP will fall out.


He was the brightest star in this series. I was crying with him when Yoo-jung was arrested, when he knelt before Ji-hee’s mother, when he suffered dementia while Yoo-jung was in prison. Poor soul, he met a lonely death alone in the streets because of An Do-hoon.

Secret (3)


This drama proves that sometimes, the bad things that happened to us are just blessings in disguise. Just when Yoo-jung thought she was all alone in this life, the very people who took her in and save her from being homeless were the people she met in prison.


Just when you thought Min-hyuk ties Do-hoon as the most hated characters in the drama, wait until you reach the second half of the series! When all of us are hating on Min-hyuk for supposedly making Yoo-jung’s life a living hell, the story takes a 180-degree turn and shed the light on the series of events. And that, my friends, is enough reason for you to watch this hit melodrama.

Secret (3)

GIF credits: http://lovingdramas.tumblr.com
Image credits: KBS Secret

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