K-Drama Reaction: Bride of the Water God | Episode 11

The hardest three-word question: “What are we?”

The Irresponsible Deity

Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung) decided it was time to have that “what are we?” talk. She probably doesn’t read online relationship articles weighing the pros and cons of that kind of labeling conversation (jk). Nonetheless, she surely wasn’t prepared for Ha Baek’s (Nam Joo-hyuk) answer.

When Ha Baek asked if he should become irresponsible and begin something that they both know will hurt them anyway, IT MADE ME SWOON. More than the drunken hug, it was a better progress for Ha Baek and So-ah’s relationship. Ha Baek was contemplating on such things already but our female lead’s fears forced her to pull an ala-Summer-Finn decision.

So-ah may come off as a coward. Heck, my choding self would probably won’t understand why she’s holding back. But the build-up to So-ah’s character at the beginning of the series makes her decision in this episode justifiable. When your heart has been broken, you’ll be cautious to take risk again.

The Second Couple

K-Drama Rule: When things get complicated with the main couple, the second couples shall give some relief to its viewers. And these fashionable guardian gods gave me just that.

Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung) is earning brownie points in the past two episodes. His secret love to Moo Ra (Krystal Jung) is frustrating at times because he couldn’t see that he actually has a chance. Moo Ra wouldn’t be worried about what stupid things Bi Ryeom might do if she doesn’t care. Urgh, boys.

On the other hand, Secretary Min and Shin Ja-ya’s interaction is a delight to watch. I’m hoping these two and the Nam Soo-ri x Jo Yeom-mi couple would have a decent and adorable ending.

The Unworthy Demigod

If Hoo Ye’s (Im Joo-hwan) character progress isn’t too predictable, he could have passed as this series’ main lead. That scene where he questions if he is worthy of having a woman like So-ah made me want to enter this dramaland and convince him that he is. I will not get tired of praising Joo-hwan for portraying this character and for breathing life to such complex emotions.

An afterthought though: I always thought Joo-hwan is creepy (thanks to his Oh My Ghost character), but seeing him walk under the rain changed his image completely. Am I the only one who thought he looks so darn fine soaking wet?!

The Pretend Couple

If this is real life and So-ah is my friend, I would scold her for her pretentious act. Like gurl, it is stupid to initiate the “what are we” convo but it is much more stupid to pretend it’s not awkward to be with the guy you just rejected. But since this is part of all that push-and-pull part of K-drama anatomy, I’ll let it pass.

I actually felt vindicated seeing So-ah’s reaction to the excerpt Ha Baek has read. See gurl, it’s hard to pretend you’re okay with the current state of your relationship. However, she has issues and hang-ups to fix. So-ah is aware of it and I loved her more when she told Ha Baek that her fears and trauma are her problems to deal with.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I was about to let this drama go but it keeps on giving me reasons to hold on. I concede it could have been much better. But I’m entertained for what it is now. Why would I judge it for the thing that it is not?

p.s. I wonder if the excerpt Ha Baek read is a poem or a line from a real book.

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