K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 2

This episode is a complete whack! Kim Jaejoong is nailing his character. He is very successful in shedding that idol skin and turn into Bong Pil. Now that the fantasy element of the story has been slowly building up, I expect him to top his game even more.

Manhole Ep 2 (1)Manhole Ep 2 (2)


Here are my two cents in this episode:

  • REPLY 2007

So Pil (Jaejoong) is back in his high school self (circa 2007) after accidentally being sucked into the magical manhole. He was a former track and field athlete! He apparently gave up this sport and went into a full grown bum in the present. LOL. Anyway, he is already madly in love with Kang Soo-jin (UEE) even in this timeline, and this episode confirmed that Soo-jin was also feeling the same way about him!


So the old digicam that the present Soo-jin (2017) vendearingly looked at was given by Pil! He apparently “borrowed” it from his parents without permission. LOL!

She also sends Pil some of his cutesy photographs complete with handwritten sweet nothings. How cute!

  •  OMO, SUK-TAE!!!!!!

This episode also confirmed that Suk-tae (Baro) is on the other side of the fence! He has been hiding Soo-jin’s letters and postcards for Pil since their high school days! He low key hits on Soo-jin, and feels envious of Pil. What a disgusting snake friend you are, young man!


We are also treated with lots of endearing hilarious scenes with our frenemies in this hour! Because Pil already knows what will happen in this timeline, he gives his best to alert or warn his friends about unfortunate events that will happen to them – like preventing Yoo Goo-gil (Kang Hong-suk) from pursuing Hong Jung-ae (Kim Min-ji), because they will only break up and she eventually ends up with Oh Dal-soo (Lee Sang-yi). We see that Jung-ae is already smitten with Dal-soo from the start, so no wonder things turned out to be the way they were in the present.

Yoon Jin-sook (Jung Hye-sung) is also shaping up to be my favorite character in this dramaverse. I like how she is the only sensible person in their high school versions. When Pil was busy convincing his friends that he is from the future, the only one who countered his logic was Jin-sook. The boys called him crazy and liar, but Jin-sook (although she also called him crazy) argued that if he is indeed from the future, where is his 2007 high school self? Shouldn’t there be two Pils by then?


Pil was able to change some events in the timeline of their high school versions. I wonder how many more events will change in the course of time, and how does this affect the present versions of our group of friends. We already have a hint on how Pil came to be after knocking out that church guy whom Soo-jin dated back in high school. I am guessing Pil turned out to be a thug after punching him… as he learned to solve his problems through physical strength.


We now know that Pil’s time travel also has its limitations. He can time travel back and forth through the manhole; he leaves at 12 midnight to time travel and arrives to wherever he ends up (be it past or present) at exactly 12 noon. He left 2017 around 12 midnight; arrived in 2007 at 12 noon; left 2007 at 12 midnight; then lastly, returned to 2017 (with a completely different look) at 12 noon. What a fun mess!


Sharing with you the bible verse Soo-jin read during the first half of the episode:

“And now these three remain: faithhope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

-1 Corinthians 13:13


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