K-Drama Reaction: Reunited Worlds | Episodes 7-8


I knew it! Hae-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) does have a connection with Min-joon (Ahn Jae-hyun) but whatever it is just added to the whole lot of questions this drama has been giving us. Although it’s certain that it wasn’t Min-joon’s proximity that caused Hae-sung to writhe in pain (these two have a strange skinship I’m starting to like and actually look forward to), it must have something to do with our the man our chef is talking to. I really do want to figure out what’s with our characters’ connections but this drama has a lot of mysteries I’m really struggling to keep up with.


Meanwhile, these episodes had me warming up to the potential romance between Hae-sung and Jung-won (Lee Yeon-hee). The sight of Min-joon comforting Jung-won surely triggered jealousy from Hae-sung. He didn’t point it out right but it’s just written all over his face. Fortunately, the misunderstanding was immediately cleared up which left Hae-sung grinning from ear to ear. But what really made my heart flutter was when Hae-sung suddenly turned around which put him in a very close face to face with Jung-won.

However, just when I’m ready to grow fond of the two’s closeness, Min-joon won’t simply concede upping his cuteness to another level. That scene where Min-joon unwittingly held a sweet potato against his ear to answer a call thinking it was his cell phone (as a result of getting his head hit hard by a pumpkin) had me laughing and blushing at his awkward adorableness. We’ve also got to learn how he fell in love with Jung-won. Years ago, a drunk Jung-won mistook him for a cab driver and asked him to bring him home. The next day, Jung won went to his restaurant to apply for the kitchen assistant position. But all of these are not known to Jung-won.

I’m now starting to see a pattern with regards to Hae-sung’s reunion with his siblings because it seems like we’ve got to meet one every two episodes and this time, it’s Young-in (Kim Ga-eun). While his two brothers seemed to have grown independent and strong-headed, his sister appeared to be in the weak zone. Their reunion was really painful especially when Hae-sung couldn’t intervene when his sister’s being harassed by a woman who’s accusing her of being a seductress.

Back to the younger brother Hae-chul whom I can sympathize with more now. We now know where his desperation for money comes from: He’s left by his partner and he has to single-handedly raise a daughter who’s now in a care facility. Fortunately, his daughter was instrumental to finally open Hae-chul’s heart to Hae-sung after he and Jung-won accidentally found her when she’s gone missing apart from the fact that our hero got to get him out the prison after proving his innocence. We can expect a more harmonious relationship in the coming episodes, can’t we?


Finally, the identity of the msyterious ahjussi (Ahn Gil-kang) has been revealed and that he’s like Hae-sung, but in his case, he came back for a son who’s now bed-ridden in a hospital. He also doesn’t know what actually happened to him, but he’s been around longer than Hae-sung is so he might be able to help our hero when the right time comes.

Image credit: Dramabeans.com

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