K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 3

Does anyone know why the latest episodes of Strongest Deliveryman are only 50 minutes long? It’s kinda sad for someone like me who’s starting to love this K-Drama because 10 minutes is 10 minutes! You know, a lot can happen in that period of time. Anyway, while we still don’t know the reason behind this, let’s first focus on this episode’s highlights!


Oh Jin-gyu (Kim Seon-ho) was contemplating whether or not to commit suicide when Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) coincidentally arrived to the scene and intervened. But while she was helping Jin-gyu to cross over the safe side of the bridge, the latter tripped and both of them fell off the Han River. There we saw a brief flashback to when Dan-ah also tried to jump off that bridge, but was also luckily saved by someone. It’s like a deja vu, but this time, it’s Dan-ah who’s saving a person—and that person is Jin-gyu.


Dan-ah felt so sympathetic towards Jin-gyu, but not until she learned about why he almost killed himself. Jin-gyu confessed that he felt tired of living, so Dan-ah told him to go back to the bridge and continue his suicide plans. HAH. Well, if I’m Dan-ah, I’d do the same. Imagine, I risked my life for someone whose reason for almost committing suicide is because he’s tired of living?! I mean, I understand that Jin-gyu is upset with his father’s harsh words for him, but if you compare his life to others, he is still very lucky. Plus, it’s not like he’s totally alone in this world because he has an understanding mother and a brother by his side. So I totally agree with Dan-ah when she angrily scolded Jin-gyu about how others are working their asses off just to survive, and then here he is, giving up just because he’s tired?! Biane, but that was so lame!


Though Jin-gyu did what he did, I still like him. I don’t know but I can already feel a good connection between him and Dan-ah. Ommo, this is bad. It seems like I’m already developing a second lead syndrome for our cutie Jin-gyu! But I still want to keep my door wide open for our main OTP because who knows, tables might turn once their romance begins.


I like Jin-gyu for Dan-ah (for now), but it’s also fine with me if he ends up with Lee Ji-yoon (Ko Won-hee), which I think is what most likely to happen.

Our runaway “highschooler” finally went back home after seeing the handwritten posters that her appa posted around Choi Kang-soo’s (Go Kyung-pyo) neighborhood. Ji-yoon asked her omma to give her her blessing to move out and live independently. Surprisingly, her omma agreed but not without a condition: she needs to date a particular guy for a year, and they will get married only if she falls for him during that dating period. Hmmm, sounds fair enough but still, I’m having a bad feeling about Ji-yoon’s omma. She’s a very ambitious woman to the point that she’s willing to use her daughter for the sake of growing their business.

Meanwhile, Jin-gyu also received a call from his omma telling him to meet and date a particular girl or else he will be sent, guess where, to the Philippines to oversee their business there. Woah, I like that! You can meet me here instead, oppa! Hee-hee. Btw, ahjummamshies, I and the squad live in the Philippines! But why am I okay with the meddling of Jin-gyu’s omma in her son’s personal life when it’s the same thing with what Ji-yoon’s omma is doing? It’s because I can feel that Jin-gyu’s omma is truly concerned with her son’s welfare, proof is her worry that no other family would accept her son as an in-law except for Ji-yoon’s.


Finally, the day Jin-gyu and Ji-yoon dread the most a.k.a. their first date came, and seeing their shocked faces after discovering that they’ll be seeing each other from time to time got me laughing out loud! These two, so kyeopta!



As if intertwined by some kind of fate or whatnot, Dan-ah and Jin-gyu met once again, but this time at the hospital. Dan-ah was making a delivery to a group of spoiled brats (Argh!!!) when she collapsed on her way out following an argument with the mother of one of these mean girls. Woah, I can’t believe that the mother got worried over the vase that Dan-ah broke instead of attending to our sick delivery girl first. So mean, jinja!

Out of guilt over what happened to Dan-ah, Jin-gyu asked her about anything that he could do to make it up to her. So for the meantime, our chaebol pretty boy served as Dan-ah’s reliever at the restaurant, where he ended up working with Kang-soo. Though there was tension between the two of them at first, everything got settled after Jin-gyu apologized for acting arrogantly towards Kang-soo before. It’s so nice to see them not arguing, so it makes me sad knowing that their newfound friendship will soon be put to test. I know that Kang-soo won’t take it easy once he finds out about Jin-gyu’s indirect role in his close friend’s vehicular accident.

So, what will happen next? Will Dan-ah develop feelings for Jin-gyu especially that the reward money he’s going to give her could accelerate her plans to escape Hell Joseon? Will Kang-soo find out soon about how Jin-gyu and his rich friends’ caprice put the life of a person so dear to him in danger? Let’s find out in the next episodes!

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