K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 4

Is it just me or this K-Drama’s story is getting a bit draggy? We’re already four episodes in, but we haven’t seen anything about Choi Kang-soo’s (Go Kyung-pyo) delivery app. His screen time with Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) is also very few. But don’t get me wrong, I still have faith in this show, I just hope for the story to pick up soon.


For the first time since the first episode, the Holy Noodles delivery boys have done something good. Together with Holy Noodles owner Master Gong-gi (Kim Ki-doo), they helped in giving out flyers to hasten the apprehension of the people involved in the illegal drag racing that indirectly put Kang-soo’s chingu in danger. With the help of a witness, they recovered a black box footage that captured a familiar blue vehicle, which Kang-soo recognized right away. It’s none other than Oh Jin-gyu’s ultra expensive car!

Kang-soo literally dragged Jin-gyu to the police station despite the latter’s pleas. But Jin-gyu denied in front of the police everything that he confessed to Kang-soo. Woah, I’m torn. I’m disappointed in Jin-gyu, but I can’t hate him totally because it is not like it was his intention to cause harm to anybody.

I somehow understand why he lied about the truth. I know that his attempt to become a better person will all be ruined once his involvement in the illegal drag racing is exposed. The worst case scenario is that his father might disown him for good. But he also has to take responsibility for what he did because like what I’ve said, it’s illegal, and worse is somebody’s life was put to danger because of it. Ottokaji?!


Could this be the end to Kang-soo and Jin-gyu’s newfound friendship and the start of an all-out war between them, especially that Kang-soo vowed to do whatever it takes to make Jin-gyu pay for what he did?


I find Jin-gyu and Lee Ji-yoon’s (Ko Won-hee) bickering very much entertaining! They’re both like high school students who find joy in making each other’s blood boil. HAHAHA. But no matter how much they hate each other, they have no choice but to continue “dating” or else Ji-yoon will be forced to cut her freedom short, while Jin-gyu will be sent to the Philippines.


I wonder how they will start to see each other in a different light especially that they’re starting to develop feelings for different individuals—Jin-gyu with Dan-ah and Ji-yoon with Kang-soo. Ommo, it’s sure gonna be messy and complicated in the love department for these two couples!



Just like what I’ve said, we’re not getting enough screen time for Kang-soo and Dan-ah, which is truly disappointing. The only moment they had in this episode is when Kang-soo helped Dan-ah with her part-time job as a cleaner at an English tutorial center. Though it was brief, I find it very sweet of Kang-soo. So I’m really hoping that these two will have more moments together in the coming episodes.

Til next week!

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