K-Lookbook: Kim Ji-won (Fight My Way)

There is no manual on how to get through to your 20s unscathed. No matter how it could be, there would be a lot of times where you’d be knocked down. That is why a lot of K-drama fans felt such empathy towards Kim Ji-won’s character in Fight My Way. Cho Ae-ra has gone through numerous rejections in both her career and love life but it doesn’t stop her to reach her dream and risk an ‘all or nothing’ love for her best friend.


Something also noticeable with this feisty K-dramaland lead is her sassy outfits. I concede she looks grubby whenever she’s at home. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of not showering on our day-offs. But whenever Cho Ae-ra goes out, she makes sure she could easily pass off as one of those samonims in a mall’s VIP section.

So don’t let adulting woes get in the way of being fab! Let’s look at how Cho Ae-ra remains fashion faithful despite experiencing growing pains.


Maknae’s pick: Who says pink lace and denim could not be a perfect match? This is my personal fave among Kim Ji-won’s outfits in this series. It shows off her femininity and edginess at the same time.


I’ve already pointed out before that K-drama wardrobe usually follows one theme for the whole series. Fight My Way stylists used 70s-inspired fashion items like hoop earrings and flared jeans to give Ji-won’s outfit that retro touch similar to Park Seo-joon’s character, Ko Dong-man.


One wardrobe item that every 20-something young professional should have is a well-fitted suit. Kim Ji-won has pulled off women’s pantsuit like a pro.


Maknae’s style tip: The trick on picking out the perfect suit is learning which style works best for your body type.


Getting a fringe could change your look in a matter of moments. Kim Ji-won opts for full bangs that perfectly compliments her soft and feminine features. Take note that full fringe on the thinner side requires less commitment than a blunt cut like Cho Ae-ra’s.


Youthful years will come and go so make sure to have fun just like this Fight My Way couple who didn’t let life hurdles get in the way of living happily and most especially in style.


(1) KBS: Fight My Way stills
(2) Tumblr/SBS Australia: Fight My Way gifs

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3 thoughts on “K-Lookbook: Kim Ji-won (Fight My Way)

  1. Hi! Do you have any idea where I can buy the same light blue pantsuit Kim Ji Won wore? I really want to have a business attire like that. Thank you!


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