Lee Yo-won, Ra Mi-ran, Myung Se-bin, Jun plot revenge in TV adaptation of Buam-dong Revenge Social Club

The revenge club is complete! Lee Yo-won (Night Light), Ra Mi-ran (Laurel Tree Tailors), Myung Se-bin (First Love Again), and U-Kiss member Jun are all confirmed to star in tvN’s drama adaptation of the webtoon Avengers Social Club.

The webtoon adaptation will be directed by PD Kwon Seok-jang (Ex-Girlfriend Club). It will delve into the lives of three women who carry out a revenge plan.

Lee Yo-won will portray the chaebol’s daughter Kim Jung-hye, a clumsy but arrogant wife who leads the “Bok-ja Club” after getting betrayed by her husband. Ra Mi-ran is up to play the fish store ahjumma Hong Do-hee, a kind single mother of two who joins the “Bok-ja Club” after her son engaged in a violent school incident. Myung Se-bin takes on the role of Lee Mi-sook, an orphan who is caught up in an abusive marriage. Lastly, U-Kiss member Jun plays the rebellious Lee Soo-gyum, the stepson of Kim Jung-hye. He decides to join the “Bok-ja Club” to revenge against his biological parents.

Avengers Social Club will follow Criminal Minds on tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday slot.


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