CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun, WJSN’s Bona, Wassup’s Sujin, and more confirmed for Lingerie Girls’ Generation

There are major casting developments for Lingerie Girls’ Generation a.k.a. Girls’ Generation 1979!

Lee Jong-hyun (My Only Love Song, Orange Marmalade) of CNBLUE, Seo Young-joo (Solomon’s Perjury), and Yeo Hoi-hyeon have been confirmed. Bona of WJSN (The Best Hit) and Sujin of Wassup, meanwhile, have also said yes to star in this upcoming 70s Daegu school drama.

Lee Jong-hyun will play the role of pharmacy worker Joo Young-choon, who has no goal in life but to support his younger siblings. Seo Young-joo will play Bae Dong-moon, a kind guy who has liked Lee Jung-hee (Bona) for a long time. Yeo Hoi-hyeon, on the other hand, will take on the role of smart and good-looking high school student Son-jin.

Bona’s character as Lee Jung-hee is described as lovely and cheery. She will speak Daegu satoori (dialect) in the drama, which will not be a problem as she is a native of the city of Daegu herself. Meanwhile, Sujin will play the role Unjoo, who is one of the four female leads.

Novel-based Lingerie Girls’ Generation will first air on September 11 on KBS as a follow-up to School 2017 for only eight episodes.

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<< Do-hee, Chae Seo-jin cast in novel-based Lingerie Girls’ Generation


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