Gong Myung out, Woo Do-hwan in talks for KBS2’s Mad Dog

Gong Myung (Bride of the Water God) is out of the running for the role of a young genius professor in the upcoming white-collar crime drama Mad Dog, but the production team is quick to find a replacement. It is reported that they are now wooing Woo Do-hwan (Rescue Me).

If Woo Do-hwan accepts, he will play the character of Professor Kim whose expertise on the human brain will be used in helping the Mad Dog team in going after scammers preying on the Korean insurance industry. Recent reports show that there will be less focus on the character’s over-the-top educational background, and that an interesting additional tidbit about him will be highlighted instead—he is an ex con himself.

Yoo Ji-tae (The Good Wife) and Ryu Hwa-young (Father is Strange) are still up to play the Mad Dog team leader and sultry team member, respectively.

Mad Dog is slated to air on KBS2 in October as a follow-up to Manhole.

<< Ryu Hwa-young, Gong Myung up to join KBS2 drama Mad Dog

<< Yoo Ji-tae courted for starring role in new KBS2 show Mad Dog


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