K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 4

Manhole delivered yet another hilarious episode as our hero tries to save the day (and his friends) from imminent danger that can possibly shape their future. I highly recommend this drama if you are not into heavy melo or looking for a very light and fun watch. Manhole‘s humor may not be for everyone, but as long as you don’t take things seriously and let things unfold on its own, this drama can make you laugh out loud with its tongue-in-cheek humor.

Manhole Ep 4 (1)


So, this episode explained the time travel rules through the manhole. I already mentioned this in my past reaction, but since Pil (Jaejoong) just recently realized it, I will have to mention it again. The time travel element is done through Pil’s back and forth journey inside the manhole. He leaves at exactly 12 midnight (whether past or present) and arrive to his destination (be it again past or present) at exactly 12 noon.


Now that Pil is slowly adjusting to the rules of time travelling, he can already predict much clearly what to (or not to) do when warping space-time. I also notice that the drama is on an episodic approach so we get a full hour of Pil’s journey in the past and another full hour in the present.

Manhole Ep 4 (4)

Pil wakes up on the beach in the summer after high school, a time he spent wasted after getting rejected from college. Soo-jin and the rest of the gang follow him, and they all enjoy a fun vacation. But things do not go on smoothly as Pil remembered a fire that broke out that night. He spent the entire episode looking for ways to prevent it from happening, but to no avail.

In reality, Soo-jin will end up dating an unfamiliar man, someone she just met during the beach trip. That man will save her from getting trapped in the fire accident, while Pil was watching from the sidelines. Pil now has the chance to change that and of course, he did!


The biggest mystery of this drama is not Pil’s journey through time to stop Soo-jin’s upcoming wedding. It’s Suk-tae’s father getting all dark and revengeful against Pil’s family. I don’t know what’s his deal yet, but I am even more confused about the very unexpected spoof of Descendants of the Sun! This show is

bringing the hilarity into a whole new level!


Aside from Pil’s usual quirks, Soo-jin’s semi-confession was my most shining moment in this episode. Although she did not say it straight to Pil’s face, she somehow admitted it to the church boy thug who followed her all the way to the beach.

Apparently, she confessed to Pil twice! Take note, this is just the summer after high school. The first one was the postcard she sent him (but sadly, Suk-tae (Baro) stole it from the mailbox), and the other time was when Pil saved her from the church boy (although she only whispered the confession to herself). Little did she know, Jin-sook (Jung Hye-sung) was hiding behind a tree eavesdropping the conversation.

Manhole Ep 4 (10)


Speaking of Jin-sook, I know she is a nice girl, but I would just like to raise an observation on her personality. She likes Pil, that’s for sure. Whether as a man or as a friend, that’s the question. She eavesdropped Soo-jin’s confession of her love for Pil, but never told our hero about it ever. As seen in the present time line, Pil is still clueless about Soo-jin’s feelings for him. She is definitely a good friend, both for Pil and Soo-jin. She encourages Pil to pursue Soo-jin in the best possible way. She acts as bridge-slash-buffer for years.

Manhole Ep 4 (11)


The show is still funny, the time travel element is still forgivable, but there are definitely loop holes in the story. I haven’t seen the aliens that were featured in the pilot episode, I am not even sure if they are related to the manhole. But their presence should not be ignored, especially the fantasy element of the show is not yet explained clearly at all. It’s like they live in a very normal society then suddenly things get twisted and there’s magic sucking every lazy bum into a hypothetical warped time to give them a chance to reset their lives.

Manhole Ep 4 (25)

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