K-Drama Reaction: Reunited Worlds | Episodes 11-12


So they won’t still be able to see the fireworks together. Again. But as much as I wanted to care about that, I was more interested in who’s the man behind Hae-sung (Yeo Jin-goo)’s death. The revelation that his chest pain is being caused by his proximity to the cause of death ruled out a lot of characters as suspects and almost directly pointed us to the real culprit–Tae-hoon (Kim Jin-woo) and Min-joon (Ahn Jae-hyun)’s father (Park Young-gyu). Having said so, this again gave birth to more questions. How come there’s no mention of Min-joon earlier in the story? Is he being kept from the real family? And if the intention of their father was to protect his sons when he fatally hit Hae-sung, who between Tae-hoon and Min-joon was Kyung-chul’s real killer? Wow, this drama has endless questions.


The romance between Hae-sung and Jung-won (Lee Yeon-hee) is becoming more evident as these two can’t hide it themselves. It’s actually a good thing that Yeo Jin-goo was cast as Hae-sung because he’s so manly and brooding it blurs the age gap between him and Lee Yeon-hee. Maybe, it also helps that Lee Yeon-hee looks youthful. However, despite the growing romance between our leads, my heart still belongs to Min-joon. He’s just effortlessly cute. That moment he drank someone’s else coffee at the library thinking it was gifted to him had me laughing like Jung-won. I’m not sure but the writer seems to be intentionally drawing us to Min-joon. I’m starting to suspect there’s more to Jung-won that connects our two men.


And just when I thought Soo-ji (Kim Hye-jun) won’t add to the whole heaps of problems this drama already has, it’s just been revealed that she’s suffering from a serious health condition and is in urgent need of an organ transplant. Poor girl, she seems to be dealing with it all by herself, but it can be only hidden for too long. Hae-sung’s in for more heartbreak, I guess.


But my favorite scene of these episodes was the confrontation between with the jerk Jang Sang-hyun and Jung-won (and, well, Min-joon). I love it that she just didn’t let this bastard pass after insulting her both as a cook and a woman. I could have done much much worse if I were Jung-won or Min-joon but I guess, that one surprise straight punch from our chef would be enough for the meantime. Although these episodes weren’t dragging and were actually entertaining, I just wish this drama could be a lot more focused. There’s just too much happening, I can hardly care about anyone’s predicament.

Image credits: Dramabeans.com

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