2PM’s Junho bags first lead opposite rookie Won Jin-ah in new JTBC drama

Idol-turned-actor Junho (Chief Kim) of K-pop group 2PM recently confirmed his decision to take on the lead role for the upcoming JTBC drama, Just Between Lovers.

He shared, “I really liked the detailed emotion within the script. I’m excited to show you a new side of me. I’m going to give my very best as this is my first main role ever.”

Junho is up to portray the main hero Lee Kang-doo, an only child who lost his father in a fatal accident and his mother to cancer. His dream was to be a professional football player, but after losing his legs to the accident, he lost hope.

Rookie actress Won Jin-ah will play the heroine Ha Moon-soo. Moon-soo also lost her younger sibling in an accident but lives her life positively while taking care of her mother.

Just Between Lovers will be directed by Kim Jin-won (Wonderful Days) and is being slated to air by the end of the year on JTBC.


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