K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 5

The latest episodes are still a little over 50 minutes long and I’m guessing that this K-Drama’s not-so-good performance in the ratings game has something to do with it. *sob*


The first one-third of this episode centered on Choi Kang-soo’s (Go Kyung-pyo) evidence gathering against Oh Jin-gyu (Kim Seon-ho). Though it seemed impossible at first, he still ended up triumphant thanks to Lee Ji-yoon (Ko Won-hee) his over 300 friends who are all delivery men like him. He is quite a popular guy, eh? LOL. Maybe it’s partly because he keeps on moving from time to time that is why he has a lot of friends, but I think the major factor to it is that he is really a nice person.


The illegal drag racing issue stirred a lot of buzz because it involved numerous rich kids. Jin-gyu’s dad was fuming with anger because it tainted the company’s name. He declared that Jin-gyu isn’t a part of their family anymore and also warned his wife never to help him or else she’ll also be kicked out.

I know, I know. I was trying to defend Jin-gyu in my past K-Drama Reaction, but after fleeing from the police and dragging Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) in the chase, I think I’m jumping over the other side. I mean, why put another life in his mess? Yes, it wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone when he organized that illegal drag racing, but someone ended up in coma because of it. I think he should be man enough to recognize that he has to pay for it not by means of money but by facing legal charges.

After all the chase, Jin-gyu got apprehended in the end. But if we think it’s now a closed case, we’re all wrong because in the last scene, we saw a free as a bird Jin-gyu being introduced as the manager of a newly opened restaurant!


Because all of his bank accounts were frozen by his abuji, Jin-gyu wasn’t able to give Dan-ah the reward money that he promised her, as well as the payment for her hospital bills and the vase that she broke. His brother, whom he thought was his last hope, also turned his back on him. So instead of making Dan-ah’s escape day from Hell Joseon come faster, the mess he’s in even delayed it.


I was also thinking that Dan-ah could’ve been arrested for harboring a wanted person because she didn’t contact the authorities when it’s clear that she’s aware of Jin-gyu’s violation. If that happened, her ultimate goal to immigrate wouldn’t only get delayed but would’ve totally gone to waste.

I’m also confused with how she reacted when Kang-soo tried to stop Jin-gyu from fleeing while they were at the hospital. Did she really have to knock Kang-soo down? I mean, she said it herself—Kang-soooo wouldn’t act that way if Jin-gyu didn’t do anything wrong. So why did she still opt to side with Jin-gyu?


Kind and righteous—these are the things that I really like about Kang-soo. He is willing to do everything to help people in need and wronged that is why people around him are also willing to help him back.

One great proof is the case of his friend who got into coma because of some rich kids’ caprice. I admire his perseverance and strong will to bring the people behind it to justice.


Aside from that, he also helped Dan-ah to recover the money she lost in paying for her hospital bills and the broken vase. Though he did it out of guilt because he considers himself as the reason why Jin-gyu wasn’t able to fulfill his financial obligations to Dan-ah, I’m hoping that this act of kindness could be the start to their romance.

What do you think?

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