K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 6



Surprise! Maybe it’s true that money can buy everything, even justice. Choi Kang-soo (Go Kyung-pyo) and Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) were shocked to see Oh Jin-gyu (Kim Seon-ho) as a free man. He is now the head manager of the newly opened restaurant of the Jung family in Kang-soo’s neighborhood. Hey, Jin-gyu! What’s up with that smile, man? I like your character even though you have a tendency to be whinny and self-centered, but I didn’t like the way you smiled at Kang-soo and Dan-ah as if you’re mocking them, particularly the former.


Upon learning from Jin-gyu that his case was lowered to a summary offense, meaning he could just pay a fine to settle it, Kang-soo stormed to the prosecutor’s office to question the decision. This angered the prosecutor, who clearly got paid to get Jin-gyu out of prison, and ordered Kang-soo to be arrested for trespassing and obstruction of duties. I can’t believe this prosecutor, jinja! How can he order the arrest of an innocent man and free someone who had violated the law? Prosecutor Noh Ji-wook won’t like that!

We also learned that Jin-gyu got released from jail because of Lee Ji-yoon’s (Ko Won-hee) omma. But this is not without something in return—he has to make the new restaurant of the Jung family successful and he also has to win Ji-yoon’s heart in six months. This makes me nervous. What really is this ahjumma’s motive?



Kang-soo almost got fired because he failed to return to work following his detention at the prosecutor’s office for several hours. To convince Master Cook Jang Dong-soo (Jo Hee-bong) to give Kang-soo one more chance, Dan-ah told him and Joker Ahjumma Soon-ae (Lee Min-young) that she likes Kang-soo and that she wants to be with him every day. HAH.

Dan-ah told Kang-soo about it, and the two of them had no choice but to pretend they are dating or else both of them will lose their jobs.

Joker Ahjumma almost found out about Kang-soo and Dan-ah’s secret Sunday food deliveries, but because of the two’s convincing play pretend, she mistook everything as just another sweet act of Kang-soo for Dan-ah. Whew.


I thought we would be witnessing Dan-ah and Kang-soo’s first kiss in this episode but sadly, it was just a tease. Argh, I got excited over nothing.

So what do you think? Will it be a reel to real love between Kang-soo and Dan-ah? If yes, who is going to fall first?


Though Ji-yoon is very vocal in expressing her feelings for her “Ahjusshi,” I can really feel no romantic connection between them. All I can sense is a sibling kind of love, which makes me come up to this theory that they might really be blood-related. The main reason why Kang-soo went to Seoul is to look for his mother, right? I’m guessing that the person he is looking for is none other than Lee Ji-yoon’s omma!


I wonder what would be Kang-soo’s reaction once he discovers that Ji-yoon is the sole heir to the Jung family’s business empire, whose newly opened restaurant is greatly affecting the small food businesses in Kang-soo’s neighborhood. Will this give Kang-soo the idea to start his delivery app to help the affected food establishments regain their glory? And what will happen now to Kang-soo after he got arrested for getting unintentionally framed up for the failed assault against Jin-gyu?

I’m glad that the pacing of the story is now starting to pick up a little. Please keep it up!

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