K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 4

School 2017 Episode 4 tells us the tragic story that binds not just HyunTae-woon and Song Dae-hwi, but Ra Eun-ho as well. Let’s walk through the night that changed the lives of our three leads.

School 2017 Ep 4 watch taewoon daehwi

The Joon-gi Story

The fourth episode of School 2017 started with our two male leads exchanging blows after Tae-woon found his wristwatch broken. You might think that it’s a bit petty for the Hot Rebel to get all riled up for a watch that doesn’t even look expensive, but a back story tells us why it’s the most precious thing for him.

School 2017 Ep 4 taewoon daehwi fight punch

Turns out, Tae-woon and Dae-hwi were actually best friends and had another pal named Joon-gi. The three were really close but Mr. Perfect and the Hot Rebel had a falling out after Joon-gi passed away. The wristwatch was actually given by Joon-gi as a sign of their friendship and Dae-hiw is keeping one as well.

School 2017 Ep 4 taewoon joongi daehwi

The tragic night started with Tae-woon and Joon-gi happily riding their motorbikes. After a while, Joon-gi was distracted by Dae-hwi’s call and the two ended up skidding on the road. An incoming passenger bus tried to avoid them and crashed into a construction site. Tae-woon was left pinned by his motorcycle so Joon-gi wet inside the bus to help the commuters himself.

School 2017 Ep 4 taewoon joongi bus motorcycle accident

Joon-gi rescued the passengers which includes Eun-ho. In a previous episode, it was shown that our sassy heroine goes to school on her bike because she can’t ride the bus. I guess this accident explains why.

School 2017 Ep 4 ra eunho joongi rescue bus accident

School 2017 Ep 4 ra eunho accident kim sejeong

When Joon-gi was rescuing the last passenger, the bus blew up. Tae-woon was left screaming his heart out as he witnessed how his friend died.

School 2017 Ep 4 taewoon daehwi accident

Let me just say that Kim Jung-hyun displayed a notable performance in this scene. First, he showed an explosive kind of emotion when he was wailing after the bus was engulfed by flame, then he was like a lost kid after calling his dad. It was like two opposing poles and he did it impressively.

School 2017 Ep 4 taewoon cry kim junghyun

Tae-woon’s father somewhat covered the incident and Joon-gi was blamed for the accident. Dae-hwi was mad at Tae-woon for what Director Hyun did and the Hot Rebel was mad at Mr. Perfect for not attending Joon-gi’s burial services.

School 2017 Ep 4 joon gi accident

The Search for X

Okaaaay. This is all a mess. I firmly believe that Student X is not just one person. Remember the group of students exchanging suspicious messages? Well, I also think that both Dae-hwi and Tae-woon are involved due to their personal reasons or motives.

School 2017 Ep 4 taewoon daehwi fight

First, I think Dae-hwi is involved in this faceless prank shenanigan because he’s mad at the unfair system in the school and the unjust treatment to the low-ranking and less fortunate students. I guess Joon-gi’s death and his belief that Director Hyun put all the blame on his late friend can be a reason as well.

School 2017 Ep 4 daehwi student x principal demerit

Eun-ho tells Dae-hwi that it would be fun to punish the principal and give him demerit points like what the school does to the students, and that’s what actually happened. But I won’t forget the fact that Tae-woon was there as well. Plus, the hooded prankster whom Eun-ho helped escape looked more like the Hot Rebel.

School 2017 Ep 4 principal demerit

Okay, so the real mess starts here. Just when Eun-ho is resolute on her belief that Dae-hwi is Student X. This happened. Waaaaaaa!

School 2017 Ep 4 taewoon student x kim junghyunSchool 2017 Ep 4 student x taewoon kim junhyung

Tae-woon freakin’ revealed himself as the hooded prankster! But I’m not fully convinced that he’s alone on this, say, movement.

School 2017 Ep 4 student x kim junhyung taewoon

Eun-ho ft Student X

Aside from the back story of Tae-woon and Dae-hwi, I think this is one of the highlights of School Episode 4. Eun-ho actually helped Student X escape the teachers chasing him. During the demerit points announcement, Student X was almost caught by the school officials but Eun-ho helped him hide and told the teachers that the prankster went the other way.

School 2017 Ep 4 ra eunho hide student x

Eun-ho could have chose to tell the teachers where Student X is and clear her name. Yet, she chose to save him. And what just her reason might be? “If you were to ask why I didn’t catch X, I’d say it’s because I ended up making friends while searching for him. Not a brave hero who messed with the school, but friends who are eighteen, holding on to pain and scars.” That’s what Eun-ho actually found, she made good friends who are both pained by their past.

Tipsy Findings

So, my fellow K-Drama drunkards, in case you’re wondering who Joon-gi is, this noona got you covered. We might actually be on the same boat thinking who this fine oppa is, kekeke.

Joon-gi was portrayed by actor Kim Jin-woo who was born on April 30, 1993. He played as Kim Gwang-soo in the MBC drama Person Who Gives Happiness.

School 2017 Ep 4 Kim Jin Woo person who gives happiness

Kim Jin-woo also starred in the 2016 KBS drama special Legendary Shuttle alongside School 2017 co-star Seo Ji-hoon (Yoon Kyung-woo).

School 2017 Ep 4 Kim Jin Woo legendary shuttle seo ji hoon.gif

School 2017 Ep 4 Seo ji hoon legendary shuttle seo ji hoon.gif

Let’s see in the next episode how Tae-woon will explain himself to Eun-ho as Student X. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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