K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 5

We took a quick break to the show’s usual craziness and hilarious antics about time warp and weddings, but the show sticks to its heartwarming nature nevertheless. As Bong Pil (Jaejoong) travels back to the present time, he is greeted with an empty neighborhood and a hospital bed. I swear this show never fails to amaze me!

Manhole 5 (10)


This is another addition to my Manhole OST playlist. This drama is releasing cute sound tracks so far. As a show of support to his B1A4 brother Baro, Sandeul lent his voice to the show and recorded an upbeat track titled Tell Me. The song is about a lady stuck in a one-sided love who now learns value herself more.

Good news: Pil was able to stop Soo-jin’s (UEE) wedding! Bad news: Pil is in coma for six years since the beach fire and is now dying! This show never runs out of jokes!


I can take all of the “is it too late” shenanigans, but what I cannot accept is the agony of Pil’s parents while contemplating whether they would stop Pil’s medications and let him go after all these years, or to continue treatment and wait until Pil wakes up from coma. But I think this circumstance is needed for Pil to learn how to value his parents even more. For 28 years, his eyes were fixated on Soo-jin that he even fails to value his studies, friends and parents. At least now, after this wake-up call, he will realize that he is deeply loved by the people around him, especially his parents.

Another perk of being an invisible soul lurking around the neighborhood, Pil finally knew about Soo-jin’s feelings for him. He finally learned that Soo-jin likes him since high school! I liked how Soo-jin realized that she lost her chance to tell Pil about her feelings because of her own hesitations in the past. Reply 1988 all taught us about the correlation of fate and timing, and how our life choices are affected by our destiny. This time, it’s Manhole’s turn to shake our tear ducts. So my ahjummamshies, take cue from your K-drama genies and make that major move you have been hesitating for far too long!

Manhole 5 (1)

I like the reversals of our neighborhood friends’ present jobs in this episode. Since Pil was hospitalized, his friends went on to live separate ways and fulfill the career that they were never meant to do. Jin-sook (Jung Hye-sung), who earlier swore to be her own boss, became an office employee – someone who follows the rules of the corporate world. Suk-tae (Baro), who spent most of his life reviewing for (and failing) the civil servant exam now works as a public officer.

Manhole 5 (8)

I almost cried while all of them blocked Pil’s hospital room to prevent his parents from switching off Pil’s life machine (aka mercy killing). After all these years, they reunite for the sake of extending Pil’s life. It pains me to watch them begging to Pil’s parents, the people who wanted to lengthen Pil’s life the most.

Manhole 5 (9)


Like what Goo-gil’s father said, you realize you loved someone only after you lose that person. So if you don’t say it now, you may never get a chance to say it. Pil needs this realization so that when he gets the chance to change his future again, he will not back down anymore. He will be brave enough to finally admit his feelings without running away from Soo-jin. He will learn to value the time and presence of every one around him.

Manhole 5 (7)

I like how Jae-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan) is still present in this timeline, despite the wedding being nonexistent. He was never involved with Soo-jin romantically in this timeline, but he still visits her often. He calls it “déjà vu of love” and I could not agree more. Of course we know him as the supposed fiancee, but he only knows Soo-jin as the sad girl who always passed by the pharmacy.

Manhole 5 (4)

But like in the original timeline, some things are getting back to its original order, starting from Soo-jin’s decision to move forward and start valuing herself more. She will now accept that Pil is gone, and that her feelings were not (and will never be) said. Ah, the painful part of love.

Manhole 5 (5)

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