K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 5

I guess Mr. Perfect Song Dae-hwi is not the real deal after all. Well, it might seem like that. School 2017 Episode 5 showed the Geumdo student body president, donned in the infamous black hoodie, stealing the question and answer key for an upcoming school math competition.

school 2017 ep 5 dae hwi student x jang dong yoon

Let’s dive into the fifth episode of School 2017 based on the saddening circumstances that pushed Dae-hwi to commit such act.

school 2017 ep 5 janv dong yoon dae hwi sad

En Route City of Tears, Driver: Song Dae-hwi

All of the students at Geumdo High School are stressed out with their evaluation, and Dae-hwi is not an exception. You might think that he got it all figured out since he’s brilliant and is ranked first in the school, but this smarty-pants is struggling as well. And what is the root cause of his dilemmas? Money, or to be more precise the lack of it.

First Stop – Through the Glass

Episode 5 is one heck of an emotional ride and my heart cried with Dae-hwi from the first stop up to the last. This scene is like the tip of the iceberg. Dae-hwi looked pathetic standing outside the office of Hee-chan’s college application consultant. He was jotting down notes from what he can hear through the glass panel, a fragile and thin material yet so strong that it separates the privileged from the poor.

school 2017 ep 5 dae hwi poor consultant

Dae-hwi was like a limping dog eating scraps from who ever took pity on him when he was given 10 minutes by Hee-chan’s mother to discuss his college application with the consultant. She told him that it’ll be diffult for him to enter Seoyul University since his application lacks impact. Before he can even raise his questions the time is up and he was sent outside again looking pityful.

Second Stop – Of Books and Blood

After noticing the announcement on the upcoming math competition, Dae-hwi instantly buried his head in books thinking that winning the contest will improve his evaluation and chances of getting into Seoyul University. He studied until his nose was bleeding. I really wanted to hug Dae-hwi after seeing him sitting on the floor and copying notes from a book because he doesn’t have the money to buy one. Here, use noona’s card instead.

school 2017 ep 5 dae hwi study nosebleed

Third Stop – The World is Unfair

Dae-hwi was studying at the school library next to Hee-chan when he discovered from a classmate that he’s just wasting time since others have the question and answer key for the math contest, and that the winner is already predetermined, Tae-woon. Dae-hwi sort of lost his temper and confronted Hee-chan outside.

school 2017 ep 5 jang dong yoon daehwi mad

At this rate and the way he treated Dae-hwi, I really, totally, definitely, certainly want to punch Hee-chan in the face, you snake! Dae-hwi got me bad when he was trying to stop his tears while talking to Hee-chan, and I’m more than proud of him when he reminded the spoiled brat who’s the real genius.

school 2017 ep 5 daehwi vs heechan

Can I just say that Tae-woon gained 10 oppa points from me when he reminded Hee-chan how big of an as$ he is.

school 2017 ep 5 tae woon vs hee chan

Fourth Stop – Enough is Enough

school 2017 ep 5 jang dong yoon daehwi cry

Upon arriving home, Dae-hwi saw his mom availing a credit card and wanted to make him the guarantor. It was a rough day and he had enough. Dae-hwi ripped off the documents and screamed all his frustrations. Jang Dong-yoon did not fail me when I said from the pilot episode review that I expect great acting from him. This scene will indeed crumple your heart and will make you tear-up. Jang Dong-yoon successfully made the audience feel an 18-year-old’s pain and struggle, he conveyed the exhaustion Dae-hwi felt from all the unfairness and injustice he experienced.

school 2017 ep 5 dae hwi cry jang dong yoon

Hyun Tae-woon x Ra Eun-ho

This noona will give you evidence to prove that our Hot Rebel is starting to fall for Eun-ho.

Exhibit A – Tae Woon’s face while Eun-ho is talking to her crush over the phone.

school 2017 ep 5 taewoon jealous kim jung hyun

Exhibit B

school 2017 ep 5 eunho taewoon sweet

Exhibit C

school 2017 ep 5 eunho taewoon sweet falling sejeong

Tipsy Findings

Since Hee-chan made me want to smack his face in this episode, let’s do our Tipsy Findings on him.

School 2017 kim hee chan

The actor portraying Hee-chan is actually named Kim Hee-chan as well. I first saw him as the young Lee Sang-yoon in the 2015 tvN drama Twenty Again.

20 again kim hee chan school 2017

I noticed him next as the younger brother of Kim Go-eun in the 2016 program Cheese in the Trap.

School 2017 Kim hee chan cheese in the trap

Kim Hee-chan debuted in the 2012 short film the The Green Gap and starred alongside Ryu Jun-yeol, Ji Soo and Kim Jun-myeon (EXO’s Suho) in the 2016 movie One Way Trip, also known as Glory Day.

Glory day kim hee chan school 2017School 2017 kim hee chan glory day one way trip

♡ Eun-ho easily let Tae-woon off the hook after finding out that he’s Student X. She got mad for a bit and I wouldn’t blame her if she can’t resist the Hot Rebel’s charm. But now I’m wondering how she will react after witnessing what Dae-hwi did. Let’s see in the next episode.

school 2017 ep 5 daehwi student x


~ Tipsy Ahjumma 🍺

📷Ctto to the Kim Hee-chan pics

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