K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 23-24

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may bent, stretch or tangle but it will never break.” – ancient Japanese belief

According to the Asian folklore, people who are destined to meet are tied together with an invisible red string. This means that our encounters with other people are predesignated by the gods. The red string determines our soulmate. It can be twisted or bent, but it can never be broken.


There are really bad reviews lurking on the internet about Siwan, Yoona and Hong Jong-hyun’s respective acting chops in this drama, and I think they are all ridiculous. This may not be the best sageuk project in all of K-dramaverse, but I think the three main characters are giving their respective roles a pretty decent portrayal. Blame Rin (the character) for his stiffness, not Jong-hyun. Blame Won (the character) for his overly aggressive reaction to every mess, not Si-wan. Blame San (the character) for her inability to express her real feelings to the one she loves, not Yoona.


We witness our lovely Crown Prince Wang Won (Im Si-wan) fall into the trap set up by Song-in (Oh Min-suk). His father King Chungnyeol was completely brainwashed by the evil side to depose his own son, using Eun San (Yoona) as the perfect bait. Good thing Won learned from his mistakes and is slowly getting good in making his move in this tangled political battle.

He used an impressive political tactic with the help of his friends (and San’s former classmates under Master Lee) to prevent his deposal as the Crown Prince and turn the tables against the King and his sly minions.

The King Loves 21-22 (8)


Jeon (Yoon Jong-hoon) made me laugh so hard in this episode! Why would he even dare to take San hostage when he was so afraid of her? I loved how San was able to protect herself without the help of our two boys. She escaped on her own without being the damsel in distress!

The King Loves 21-22 (17)

And the jealousy drags on to this episode… but with a pinch of comedy! When San’s former classmate arrived, both Won and Rin became green-eyed monsters! Finally, something that they both agree with when it comes to San!


Our favorite Queen Mother explained a longtime belief of East Asian folklore, the Red String of Fate.

“Fate is like red string. A red string will get tangled up however it wants .”  ~ Princess Wonseung

Despite his character development in the political arena, Won continues to worry me because of the unending foreshadowing that this drama is hinting us. You can disagree with me on this but every time Won witnesses Rin and San’s closeness, he looks away first, and then make a very subtle possessive move every chance he gets.

The King Loves Ep 21-22


“She reminds me of a bird she takes flight and leaves so easily without looking back.” ~ Won

And when Won talked about making an “aviary for his bird” while referring to San, I knew this is where the love triangle officially begins. When Rin questioned him what will he do if San will become unhappy with him, his possessive side quickly took flight.

Rin finally opens up about his feelings in this hour. We all know about his feelings for San because of his voice overs, but this time he lets it all out by confiding in shadow guard Jang Ui (Ki Do-hoon).

I keep thinking back. I should not have let her go then. I think of her all the time, and each time, I think I trip up.” ~ Rin

I loved how San was considerate of Dan’s feelings up until now. Although I am still confused about the identity of the one whom San loves, I am fine with seeing her heartwarming moments with both Rin and Won. When Dan was talking to San about Won, I can see that her reaction was firm without hesitation. San is selfless and considerate of others to the point of giving up her own feelings.

The King Loves 21-22 (4)The King Loves 21-22 (9)

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