K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 6

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

– Henry Adams

What do you want to be when you grow up? Since I was young, I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Why? Well, my favorite local author used Henry Adam’s quote to explain why he wanted to be an educator. And to borrow his illustration, Socrates was the teacher of Plato who later on had Aristotle as his student. Aristotle then became the teacher of Alexander the Great who greatly shaped world history and is known as one of the greatest kings and warriors who ever lived. Centuries after he perished, did Socrates’ influence stop? Certainly not. Up to now, his teachings still affect us.

school 2017 ep 6 teacher shim

Let’s walk through School 2017 Episode 6 on how Mr. Shim (Han Joo-wan) touched the heart of his students and how his action will influence their lives.

Mr. Powerless and Mr. Frustrated

school 2017 ep 6 teacher shim koo soju drunk

Since the earlier episodes, Mr. Shim has been the voice of reason in Geumdo High School but he lacks the courage and the power to fight the injustice he sees. School 2017 Episode 6 showed how frustrated he is with his incapability to change what is wrong.

school 2017 ep 6 do not change evaluation teacher shim

Mr. Shim was busy having consultation with his students on their evaluation when one of Ra Eun-ho’s classmate, Ahn Jung-Il (Ahn Seung-kyoon), submitted his documents with a “do not change” post it. Mr. Shim was clearly taken aback especially after Jung-il told him that his evaluation is expensive and is written by a professional. To make things worse, Jung-il told his teacher that even he cannot write an evaluation as good as that. This painted a dark cloud over Mr. Shim’s head and you can clearly see in his face how disrespected he felt.

school 2017 ep 6 teacher shim disrespect

Mr. Shim asked Teacher Koo  for a “favor” and drank soju with him to ease his tension. In the previous episodes, I’ve been noticing that Mr. Koo (Lee Jae-yong) can be seen as a teacher who tolerates the status quo at Geumdo High, but in reality, he actually tries to support what is right in little ways. This episode narrated how he was once like Teacher Shim who tried to fight for equality at school but later on accepted his defeat after feeling powerless and being eaten by guilt that he can’t give even one student a brighter future.

school 2017 ep 6 teachdr koo sad

The Ommas Strike Again

school 2017 ep 6 omma evaluation

I know these moms only want a better future for their children but they severely need to take a big chill pill. Seriously, who in their right mind would ask a teacher to defy government rules?

school 2017 ep 6 mr shim brave

My heart skipped for joy when Mr. Shim finally had the courage to stand up and fight for what is right. The look on these ommas’ faces is worth more than a billion bucks, I was like, suck it sisters hahaha.

school 2017 ep 6 ommas shookt shocked

The Poor Princess

school 2017 ep 6 nam joo poor taxi driver dad seol inah

In School 2017 Episode 5, Hong Nam-joo (Seol In-ah) looked uncomfortable when Dae-hwi started asking her about her student record and volunteering at her father’s company. I immediately thought to my self, oh, she looked awkward and agitated at her boyfriend’s remark, she must be pretending to be rich. This episode confirmed my theory.

school 2017 ep 6 nam joo loor taxi daehwi seol in ah

Even though I felt bad for Nam-joo’s father whom she pretended not to know, I somehow understand why she acted that way. What she did is undoubtedly wrong but I guess she has her own reasons for lying and I don’t want to immediately judge her, especially with the school’s treatment to the less privileged kids.

school 2017 ep 6 nam joo house poor seol in ah

A Mother’s Plea

school 2017 ep 6 oh sa rang poor

Prepare your tissues for this scene. Sa-rang’s mother, who is the school janitress, shyly asked Mr. Shim if he can look at her daughter’s evaluation even though she will be taking up the Civil Servant examination. She tearfully tells Mr. Shim that she knows her daughter has her dream but foregoes it because of their dire financial situation. Omma, let me hug you.

school 2017 ep 6 oh sa rang mother cry poor

The next scene shows Sa-rang telling Eun-ho that her dream is to give her mother a better life. She added that she does not think of what she wants to do because she does not want her mom to blame herself for her life. My eyes are now sweaty.

school 2017 ep 6 oh sa rang cry

Check the Label

school 2017 ep 6 tae woon jealous kim hyung jun

Is it me or is Tae-woon starting to act like a jealous boyfriend around Eun-ho? Oooh, the K-Drama genies must be stepping up their game in developing the love line. I’m not complaining though, kekeke.

Exhibit A

school 2017 ep 6 hyun tae woon jealous ra eun ho

Exhibit B

school 2017 ep 6 tae woon dae hwi jealous

Exhibit C

school 2017 ep 6 tae woon ra eun ho

Well, Tae-woon actually asked Eun-ho if she’s free for the night to help him clean-up Student X’ hideout. Is it weird that I actually find it sweet?

Mr. Shim, The Cool Teacher

school 2017 ep 6 evaluation leak

After hearing his teacher’s frustration toward’s the school’s giving of “specs” to some students and knowing the ommas’ demand to see their children’s documents, Tae-woon, acting as Student X, made a Regina George and printed his classmates’ evaluations and posted it all over the school.

school 2017 regina george

Here is Mr. Shim’s evaluation to his students.

Duk-soo, Byung-goo, Young-gun and Hee-chan

school 2017 ep 6 evaluation hee chan

My OTP, Sa-rang and Kyung-woo

school 2017 ep 6 evaluation oh sa rang


school 2017 ep 6 evaluation ra eun ho sejeong


school 2017 ep 6 evaluation hyung tae woon


school 2017 ep 6 evaluation song dae hwi

Tipsy Findings

school 2017 6 seol inah

Does Nam-joo look familiar to you? Well, she’s the one who annoyed the hell out of me in the hit 2017 JTBC rom-com Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Seol In-ah played as Ji Soo’s girlfriend, Jo Hee-ji.

school 2017 seol in ah strong woman do bong soonschool 2017 seol in ah strong woman do bong soon ji soo

Seol In-ah also appeared in the 2016 MBC drama Flowers of the Prison and starred in John Park’s DND – Do Not Disturb music video.


Eun-ho let Tae-woon off the hook as Student X, she even helped him pack-up his things to change hideout, and now, she was surely sweet when she told Dae-hwi that she understand he has his own reasons why he stole the answer key for the school’s math competition. Good job Eun-ho!

school 2017 ep 6 ra eunho dae hwi student x

Episode 6 ended with everyone receiving a video of the school principal assuring Tae-woon that he will win the math competition. Hmm, what do you think will happen next? Let’s find out in School 2017 Episode 7.

school 2017 ep 6 student x video tae woon principal


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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