K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 7

Annyeong hashimnika beautiful people of the K-Dramaverse. I smiled a lot during this episode because of the Hot Rebel’s undeniable charisma, so, I want to dedicate this School 2017 Ep 7 reaction to the K-Drama genies for making my heart giggle with adorable Hyun Tae-woon scenes.

Like what I’ve said in the previous episode, it looks like PDnim is stepping up his game in developing the story’s love line. Bless your soul Lee-PD! Though I appreciate the School franchise for depicting the things South Korean students experience, who wouldn’t want to see squeal-worthy scenes? Kekeke.

School 2017 ep 7 ra eun ho hyun tae woon kim jung hyun sejeong

Let’s walk through School 2017 Episode 7 by looking at the signs to prove that Tae-woon is falling for the spunky Eun-ho.

Hyun tae-woon aka Jelly Baby

School 2017 ep 7 son dae hwi ra eun ho earphones sejeong

I know there are Team Dae-hwi supporters out there whose hearts jumped for joy in this scene.  Mr. Perfect was somehow trying to catch Eun-ho if she is the hooded prankster or if she knows something about X, so she tried to dodge the topic by asking what he is listening to. The conversation ended up in this glorious scene.

School 2017 ep 7 dae hiw eun ho earphones tae woon jealous

Enter Nam-joo and Tae-woon. I don’t think I need to further explain how jealous these two felt. Tae-woon is so adorbs trying to shoo away Dae-hwi. It’s too obvious that he only wanted him to get away from Eun-ho.

School 2017 ep 7 dae hiw eun ho earphones tae woon jealous

Hyun Tae-woon the Scaredy Pants

School 2017 ep 7 ra eun ho earphones hyun tae woon

Tae-woon is freaking cute in this scene. After witnessing that sweet moment between Eun-ho and Dae-hwi, the Hot Rebel wanted to make a move and share earphones with Eun-ho as well. I don’t know if he got nervous or afraid or he just don’t know how to approach Eun-ho but he just ended up getting frustrated.

School 2017 ep 7 tae woon eun ho earphones sejeong jung hyun

He went from wanting to share earphones to playing music on speakers hahaha. Way to go scaredy pants!

School 2017 ep 7 hyun tae woon earphones ra eun ho sejeong kim jung hyun

Hyun Tae-woon the Hair Dresser

Ra Eun-wo decided to put her hair up while answering a comment written by her webtoon’s first “fan,” yep, we all know who that mr. nice guy handle belongs to. Tae-woon approached her and decided to untie and mess her hair because he can’t stand the sight of her bare neck. Hmmh, maybe I should put my hair in a bun around oppa.

School 2017 ep 7 tae woon messing eun ho hair sejeong jung hyun

Earth to Tae-woon, Earth to Tae-woon

School 2017 ep 7 hyun tae woon funny kim jung hyun

Ever since that neck sight seeing, Tae-woon has been bothered with thoughts of Eun-ho. He was hilariously absent minded while talking with his dad.

School 2017 ep 7 hyun tae woon inlove kim jung hyun

The Poor and Mean Princess

School 2017 ep 7 nam joo poor shouting seol in ah

Okay, I said in the previous episode that I totally understand Nam-joo has her own reasons for lying in school about her family’s background, but the way she treats her father is unjustifiable and plain rudeness. Yes, you’re stressed with school and fed up with your financial situation but shouting at your dad who is tired after a whole day’s work and probably exhausted in trying to make ends meet is heartless. I guess this is what differentiates Eun-ho and Nam-joo. Eun-ho’s family is not affluent as well but she’s proud of her parents and shows how much she cares for them. She does delivery for their family restaurant and even feels guilty of wanting to pursue her dream considering their finances.

School 2017 ep 7 nam joo vs ather seol in ah

I get a sense that Nam-joo will soon be discovered after this scene with Yoo Bit-na (Z.Hera).

School 2017 ep 7 nam joo bit na shopping seol in ah zhera

The Bullied and the Brat

Speaking of Bit-na, she strikes again with all the bratness she has. She lost her pen and after seeing Seo Bo-ra (Han Bo-bae) she immediately confronts her and annoyingly accused her of stealing it. They ended up in a scuffle and who do you think witnessed it? Oh, just the teachers, Director Hyun and officials from the Ministry of Education.

School 2017 ep 7 yoo bit na vs seo bo ra zhera

I’m sure Bit-na will use her influence in getting out of trouble, but what made me curious the most is Bo-ra’s words to Teacher Jang (Jo Mi-ryung). She told her that she will never ask the teacher’s help again. Maybe we will find out in the coming episodes the back story.

School 2017 ep 7 seo bo ra teacher

Tipsy Findings

In case you’re wondering what song Dae-hwi and Eun-ho listened to while they were sharing earphones, it’s entitled Throbbing/Thrilling Summer Day by indie singer Yozoh and is part of School 2017‘s OST.

School 2017 Ep 7 ended with Tae-woon admitting to Teacher Koo that he was the one with Eun-ho who broke into the faculty room, Officer Han somewhat tricked Eun-ho to admit that she was the one Mr. Shim saw a few nights ago in the teachers’ office.

School 2017 ep 7 tae woon saves eun ho sejeong kim jung hyun

How do you think the great Tae-woon oppa will save Eun-ho in this mess? Let’s see in the next episode. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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