K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 8

No matter how much they seem to hate each other, I believe Song Dae-hwi and Hyun Tae-woon genuinely cares for one another deep inside. Both have been scarred by the death of their friend,  both are pained by their own guilt, and both are waiting for the other to open up so they can finally both heal.

School ep 8 hyun taewoon song dae hwi

I present to you School 2017 Episode 8 featuring the best bronemies.

The Hot Rebel’s Soft Side

School ep 8 dse hwi tae woon x

The Hot Rebel has his own peculiar way of showing his affection for Dae-hwi. In the previous episode, we saw how Tae-woon and Ra Eun-ho broke into the teachers’ room to return the answer keys Dae-hwi stole. He hacked the school principal’s account to post their class evaluation and even put himself in bad light so that Dae-hwi can have a fair chance in the math competition. He may not admit it, but he still cares for his estranged best-friend.


In School 2017 Ep 8, Tae-woon had the chance to rat out Dae-hwi when Teacher Koo asked him if he saw the hooded person’s face but he chose not to.


School ep 8 hyun taewoon song daehwi confrontation

Remember the over-looking parking space where Tae-woon usually goes to when he feels lost and sad? Turns out it’s a place where he used to hang out with Dae-hwi and Joon-gi.

School ep 8 hyun taewoon song daehwi best friends

All along, PDnim made it appear like it’s the Hot Rebel’s haven but this episode showed that Dae-hwi also holds it precious to his heart.

School ep 8 hyun taewoon dae hwi fight

These two wouldn’t end their conversation without exchanging hurtful words first but I think both of them have the ability to reach into the other person’s heart.

School ep 8 sonh dae hwi cry jang dong yoon

The Delinquent Mr. Perfect

After his confrontation with Tae-woon last night, Dae-hwi mustered up the courage to tell the truth. He went to confess that he stole the questions for the math competition and faced the consequences.

School ep 8 song dae hwi admitting stealing

During his hearing, Mr. Perfect asked the school officials to cancel Eun-ho and Tae-woon’s disciplinary action. He admitted that the two confessed to cover up for him. Good job Dae-hwiya!

School ep 8 hyun taewoon worried kim jung hyun

No matter how much he denies it, Tae-woon’s face cannot hide how much he worries for Dae-hwi. He even waited outside the hall during Dae-hwi’s inquiry.

The Pitiful Seo Bo-ra

School ep 8 seo bo ra hearing han bo bae

Bo-ra has always been on the receiving end of injustice at Geumdo High School. She’s bullied, made to admit that she stole notes and now, because of hopelessness, she confessed of hitting Bit-na when it’s the latter who started the fight.

Tae-woon, the Chicken Lover/Coupon Collector

School ep 8 hyun tae woon funny chicken coupon

In a previous episode, Tae-woon said to Eun-ho that he hates chicken. But since he’s falling for her and making excuses to see her, the Hot Rebel repeatedly ordered chicken from Eun-ho’s family restaurant. Eun-ho gets super annoyed especially after Tae-woon said that his hobby is to collect chicken coupons.



Tae-woon oppa! I won’t get tired delivering chicken to your house if you’ll call me, kekeke.

School ep 8 kim jung hyun nuest baekho if you

Okay, the first thought that came into my mind after seeing this Tae-woon scene is “oooh, isn’t that the same shirt Kang daddy Baekho wore in NU’EST W‘s If You teaser?” Raise your hand my fellow LOΛEs!

school 2017 nuest w kang dong ho if you baekho teaserschool 2017 nuest w if you teaser

Love Doodle

School ep 8 ra eunho hyun taewoon drawing note

At the start of School 2017 Ep 8, Tae-woon was slightly hurt over Eun-ho’s concern towards Dae-hwi. She was constantly worrying for Mr. Perefect even after they got in trouble and were punished for covering him. To make up for her mistake of not taking into consideration Tae-woon’s feelings, Eun-ho gave him this cute note.

School ep 8 ra eunho drawing note for taewoon

Tipsy’s OTP: Yoon Kyung-woo and Oh Sa-rang

School ep 8 yoon yung woo oh sa rang cute

There’s something about Kyung-woo’s smile that makes my knees weak.

School ep 8 yoon kyung woo smile seo ji hoonSchool ep 8 yoon kyung woo smile

In this episode, my favorite couple went out to eat noodles at a convenience store. My Kyung-woo oppa said to Sarang that he  wants to experience high school in South Korea since he grew up overseas.

School ep 8 sarang kyunwoo convenience store

PD-nim, please bless this K-Drama drunkard noona with more Kyung-woo and Sa-rang moments, jebal (please)?

School ep 8 oh sarang yoon kyung woo sweet noodles

Appa’s Sacrifice

One thing I adore about Eun-ho’s family is their selfless love for one another. Appa has been working various jobs to help with the family’s finances. He leaves early in the morning and returns late at night to earn a few so that Eun-ho can enroll to the summer vacation program she wants to attend.

School ep 8 ra eunho father kim sejeong

On their way home after eating snacks with Teacher Shim and Officer Han, Eun-ho and her classmates saw a boss berating a laborer fixing the sidewalk. Eun-ho recognized her father’s voice and called out the boss for being mean. I’m elated to see Eun-ho being proud of her dad and standing up for him. Nam-joo looked a bit guilty after witnessing how Eun-ho treated her father.

School ep 8 ra eunho hugging dad kim sejeong

Appa’s reason why he has been working to fix the sidewalk path is so heart-warming and mirrors how great a father’s love is. “I’m not like other dads and can’t pave your path in life for you. But I wanted to make my daughter’s path to school in the morning nice and pretty. So I put down sidewalks and planted flowers. I wanted to make sure you walk only in flower paths all your life.”

School ep 8 ra eunho dad kim sejeong

200th Day

School ep 8 namjoo song daehwi seol in ah break up

Nam-joo thought that Dae-hwi stood her up on their 200th day celebration. But upon arriving home, she saw him standing outside their apartment complex. The home that she keeps secret to everyone while pretending to be the daughter of a CEO.

School ep 8 namjoo daehwi breakup

She tried to find a way out by making up an excuse but Dae-hwi got mad that she continuously lies even when he already found the truth.

School ep 8 seol in ah jang dong yoon

This noona is no acting expert but I believe Jang Dong-yoon‘s experience clearly manifested in this scene. There’s a huge gap between the emotions you can see in his eyes with that of Seol In-ah.

Omonaaaaa!!! Kisseu?

School ep 8 kim junghyun kim sejeong kiss eunho taewoon

Rain in the K-Drama universe is a signal of a good scene. Are we going to have our first kiss?


Tipsy Findings

Here’s an English-subbed making of Tae-woon and Eun-ho’s rain shower scene. Tell me if your heart skipped a bit as well while watching Kim Jung-hyun and Sejeong‘s filming.

Will Tae-woon and Eun-ho kiss? I can’t wait to watch the next episode. See you!

School ep 8 dont smile like that hyun tae woon ra eunho


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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