K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 7



Sometimes, being too kind could be a problem. Just like in the case of Choi Kang-soo (Go Kyung-pyo). Because he wanted to protect his friend Sung-jae from the consequences of the failed assault he launched against Oh Jin-gyu (Kim Seon-ho), he took responsibility for it and got arrested in his place. And if you think it’s only a simple case of physical assault just like me, we are all wrong because the police charged him with *brace yourself* attempted murder! What!?


Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) couldn’t believe that Kang-soo would do such a thing knowing how righteous of a person he is. The Sparta team, Kang-soo’s legion of delivery man friends, are in a state of shock as well. The funny thing is that when Sung-jae arrived at the police station to admit that he is the real culprit, there are already two other guys who did the same, prompting the investigators not to believe any of them. These two guys are indebted to Kang-soo because of the help he gave to them in the past so probably, they decided to present themselves as suspects to give back. But instead of helping Kang-soo, this just made his situation even worse.


Lee Ji-yoon (Ko Won-hee) is very devastated by the turn of events that she even begged Jin-gyu to withdraw his case against Kang-soo. In exchange for it, she promised that she would be nice to him during their dates, that she would hold his hands, that she would always smile at him, and that she would even whisper “I love you” to him if he wants her to. HAH. Ji-yoon never really fails to amaze me with her childish actions. It would really be nice if it’s true that she is Kang-soo’s dongsaeng just like what I theorized in my last K-Drama Reaction. I would want her to end up with Jin-gyu because I’m curious as to how the things will turn around once she sees all his efforts and extra patience just to make her fall him. Even though Jin-gyu is just doing that because he has no other choice, I have a strong feeling that he will fall for Ji-yoon for real in the process. This is also despite the fact that Jin-gyu currently has feelings for Dan-ah. Ahhh, I’m hoping that dramagods will be kind enough to grant my wish.


Out of frustration and guilt because Kang-soo got arrested instead of him, Sung-jae acted rashly once again. He barged into the Jung family’s restaurant one night where he threatened Jin-gyu that he would kill him if he wouldn’t switch him with Kang-soo behind bars. Jin-gyu told him to kill him now because he has no plans of letting Kang-soo out as he wants him to suffer and all the others who treated him like a criminal for what happened to Hyun-soo. He asked what he had done so wrong that he had to be ruined that way. Well, I got his point. This is the exact reason why I couldn’t totally blame him for Hyun-soo’s situation. Jin-gyu never had the intention to hurt anyone when he organized and participated in that drag racing event though we still cannot deny the fact that it is illegal.


Hyun-soo’s halmoni, also the owner of the Hanyang Seolleongtang restaurant, arrived to the scene together with the other delivery boys to stop Sung-jae from committing further damage. She delivered the good news to him to calm him down. Hyun-soo has finally awakened from coma! Hyun-soo’s halmoni also did the unexpected—she apologized to Jin-gyu for his suffering and assured him that no one will ever point their fingers at him anymore. She also asked everyone to let go of their anger now as everything is finally alright.


The kindness that Hyun-soo’s halmoni showed to Jin-gyu probably touched his heart that is why he retracted his statements about the assault, resulting in Kang-soo’s freedom. Yehey!!!



I’m super glad about how the characters around Dan-ah pointed out her special treatment to Kang-soo. I’m sure that you’ve also noticed it. We all know Dan-ah as a single-tracked person who is so focused on her goal to earn enough money in order for her to escape Hell Joseon. This is why she seems so cold especially towards men. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want anyone to hinder her plans. So the way she worries for Kang-soo following his arrest is really something! I mean, her friend Yeon-ji (Nam Ji-hyun) was right, she didn’t worry that much when it was Jin-gyu who was sent to the prison. Kang-soo, on the other hand, seems to enjoy the concern that Dan-ah is showing him. Awww, I’m loving it! After six episodes of having little to no development on our main OTP’s love line, we have now reached this point where everything between them is set to change. I can’t wait until they fall madly in love with each other! Kyaaah!


I also find it amusing to see Dan-ah’s drunk self. It’s so not like her especially when she asked Kang-soo whether they should date or not, and why would he not like her when she’s pretty? HAH. Girl, I bet you’re gonna regret everything you said once you become sober. And she did! LOL. So our heroine decided to follow Yeon-ji’s advice to pretend she doesn’t remember anything in front of Kang-soo.


Can I give the duo of Master Cook Jang Dong-soo (Jo Hee-bong) and Joker Ahjumma Soon-ae (Lee Min-young) a tap on their shoulders?! I just love how these two unintentionally play Cupids for our main OTP! Because of them, Kang-soo and Dan-ah hugged each other and swear, it’s super sweet!

Please stay tuned for the next episodes, ahjummamshies!

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