K-Drama Reaction: Reunited Worlds | Episodes 13-14

Hae-sung must now face the painful reality that although he’s existing again, he’s really not part of their world. I was really caught off guard when mysterious ahjussi, (Ahn Gil-kang) unexpectedly vanished just when Hae-sung was feeling torn whether or he should like Jung-won (Lee Yeon-hee) because of the very fact that he’ll disappear anytime like him. And just like Hae-sung, my rational self couldn’t just get on board the idea to just do what I want without thinking of tomorrow and other people because it feels unfair. Maybe, it’s better to tell Jung-won the truth so she as well could let herself do what she wants to do together with Hae-sung so she won’t have any regrets when the time comes. Also, I think losing him without any clue for the second time would be catastrophic to Jung-won. Let them love like there’s no tomorrow, figuratively and literally. On the lighter side of things, I enjoyed that Jung-won was unexpectedly forward when it comes to her feelings for Hae-sung. I didn’t know if it’s

On the lighter side of things, I enjoyed that Jung-won was unexpectedly forward when it comes to her feelings for Hae-sung. I didn’t know if it’s unintentional but didn’t Jung-won copy the set-up we saw in her dream where Hae-sung kissed her? She must be really looking forward to it materializing. Heh. But the fact that she lied to her friends so she could have time with Hae-sung alone validates that she really wants to be with Hae-sung ALONE. Unfortunately, they got busted. Poor Jung-won.

As we learned more about Min-joon (Ahn Jae-hyun)’s family affairs, we realized how much of it was intertwined with Hae-sung’s death. The driver who turned himself in as the one who fatally hit Hae-sung turned out to be his uncle. We’re never sure why he did that in the first place but Min-joon’s father (Park Young-gyu) was undoubtedly part of the reason. We’ve also learned that the second family is not aware of our chef’s existence making it sooo complicated when they decided to eat at his restaurant. It’s painful to see Min-joon living without a mother and living with a father who denies him and the fact, that he’s harboring a one-sided love for Jung-won makes me sadder for him. Can we show this character some love, writer-nim?

But my favorite scene in these set of episodes was Young-in (Kim Ga-eun) and Hae-chul (Kwak Dong-yeon)’s touching reconciliation. Their conflict originated when he stole the necklace given to her by her birth mother (Yes, I know it’s perplexing right? Are they all not blood-related?) which made her furious at him saying she could never forgive him. But during the reunion, all thanks to Hae-sung, the misgivings were replaced by understanding for one another. Hae-chul gave her a bank book in which he deposited money daily to express how he has been feeling sorry each day. He also admitted the real reason he stole the necklace and that’s because he desperately needed money because his daughter was born (sobs). Then, enter Gong-joo (his daughter) holding a cake for Young-in. I’m not really looking forward to Young-jun (Yoon Sun-woo) making amends with everyone else because admit it, we didn’t see him attached to them even when they were younger, but Hae-sung must be feeling otherwise.

Image credits: Dramabeans.com

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