K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 9

Remember how big dating scandals are among South Korean celebrities? Well, School 2017 Episode 9 will give you a juicy one.

Rumor Has It

School 2017 ep 9 gossip bseo bora kim hee chan

A big rumor has started circulating around Geumdo High School, a dating scandal to be exact. And who do you say are involved? Well, just the uptight Hee-chan and the bullied girl, Bo-ra. Crazy, right?

School 2017 ep 9kim hee chan dating bora

The rumor is hard to believe at first but it turns out to be true. The two dated last year and it looked like things did not end well. It’s a bit nerve wracking to see how Hee-chan turned violent towards his ex-girlfriend.

School 2017 ep 9 seo bora kim hee han confrontation

Eun-ho found Bo-ra’s diary containing their love notes so Hee-chan assumed that our sassy heroine started the rumor. Hee-chan looked like a psychopath when he confronted Eun-ho about it. The boy sure got some anger management issues if you ask me.

School 2017 ep 9 kim hee chan ra eun ho

Honestly, Hee-chan was scary in this scene. The look in his eyes and the way his face muscles move is frightening. Maybe because I’m used to Kim Hee-chan playing the nice type roles.

Tae-woon, the Knight in Shining Uniform

School 2017 ep 9r eun ho backhug hyun tae woon kim sejeong kim jung hyun

Tae-woon arrived at the scene when Hee-chan was harassing Eun-ho. The latter got scared what Tae-woon might do to Hee-chan and so it ended in this delightful back hug. Aside from fearing what the Hot Rebel might do, you can also see Eun-ho feeling thankful and safe that Tae-woon arrived. The way she rested her head on Tae-woon’s back was like a sigh of relief.

School 2017 ep 9 bckhug ra eun ho hyun tae woon

Tae-woon, being the cool and reliable oppa that he is, warned Hee-chan not to mess with Eun-ho again.

School 2017 ep 9hyun tae woon vs kim hee chan

The quaint smiles that Eun-ho and Tae-woon exchanged after are just too cute.

School 2017 ep 9 ra eun ho kim sejeongSchool 2017 ep 9 hyun tae wonn kim jung hyun

A Love that Ended

School 2017 ep 9 hong namjoo crying break up seol in ah

Nam-joo and Dae-hwi broke up after Mr. Perfect proved that the Poor Princess was lying about herself. We all know how painful breakups are, ahem, but Nam-joo’s “who are you to give me a chance” words stroke the heart of this poor noona.

School 2017 ep 9song dae hwi hong nam joo breakup

In School 2017 Ep 1, me and my unni were actually talking about how Dae-hwi and Nam-joo looked like they were just using each other. Dae-hwi with Nam-joo’s looks and popularity and the latter with Mr. Perfect’s intelligence. But I guess girls really invest more emotionally.

I love Dae-hwi but he’s too much of an arse in this scene.

School 2017 ep 9 hong nam joo song dae hwi hearbreak break up

From Hot Rebel to Pabo

School 2017 ep 9 yun tae woon long legs ra eun ho kim jung hyun

Tae-woon’s flashes this pabo (stupid) smile every time he looks at Eun-ho. It’s both funny and endearing. His smile gives me the feel of Cha Tae-hyun as Gyun-woo in My Sassy Girl.

School 2017 ep 9 hyun tae woon lovera eun hoScreenshot_2017-08-28-18-01-55

And if you’re wondering if the two kissed from the ending of last episode, they didn’t. Eun-ho stepped back which resulted in cute awkwardness the next day. The Hot Rebel is still smitten by Eun-ho though.

schhol 2017 ep 9 hyun tae woon ra eun ho almost kiss

This scene reminds me of Do Bong-soon! Kekeke.

schhol 2017 ep 9 hyun tae woon in love

do bong soon in love

Tae-woon’s “I won’t let go” line is too much for my weak heart. Aaaaah!

School 2017 ep 9hyun tae wonn love ra eun ho like glueSchool 2017 ep 9 hyun tae wonn love ra eun ho wont let go

Tae-woon Appa

In School 2017 Ep 8, Tae-woon’s dad saw the several fried chicken boxes in the living room. Director Hyun gave us a glimpse of his warm side when he gave Tae-woon a box of chicken thinking he likes it. Awww.

School 2017 ep 9yun tae woon father chcken

Tipsy Findings

To celebrate Ra Eun-ho’s cuteness, here’s an English-subbed video of Kim Sejeong’s SNL guesting when she was still promoting under IOI. This is hilarious! So, do watch it and fall in love more with God Sejeong’s charms.

With Hee-chan and Eun-ho’s conflict ending up in the school violence committee being called, I wonder how our spunky protagonist will prove her innocence. Will Bo-ra finally help her and give a testimony? Let’s find out in School 2017 Episode 10.

School 2017 ep 9 ra eun ho seo bo ra kimsjeong han bo bae


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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