K-Lookbook: Best Hanbok in Recent K-Dramas

Saeguk can sometimes cause headaches for K-drama fans with all the politicking and scheming involved. But it could also be pleasing in the eyes as it also features grandiose Korean palaces and vibrant traditional dresses.

Hanbok’s vivid colors and intrinsic designs can command attention to anyone watching. And the costume department of recent period dramas did an exquisite job on showcasing the rich beauty of the Korean dress.

Ahjummamshies’ K-Lookbook has collected the prettiest hanbok in recent saeguk dramas for fashion-savvy K-drama fans. Kaja!


Let’s start the list with a character that caught the eyes of many K-drama fans with her dresses: Kim Hwa-Goon (Yoon So-Hee) from Ruler: Master of the Mask. Her Hanbok’s color scheme throughout the series really showcases her character’s feisty personality.


Your heart was probably pounding loudly during Hae-soo (IU) and the 8th Prince’s walk in the snow scene in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. That is the only probable reason why you didn’t notice how pretty IU’s hanbok was. Although the style of her winter durumagi is very poncho-like, it still complimented her white-red silk hanbok. Her other dresses were also a standout because of its elaborate patterns noticeable to clothing during the Goryeo period.


Kim So-hyun’s stint in Goblin was short but it didn’t stop her and her regal visual to make a mark to the audience. Aside from So-hyun’s top-notch acting, her white-black royal hanbok is stunning. She literally died beautiful.


Speaking of young actresses, Kim Sae-ron also top-billed her own drama this year with Mirror of the Witch. Sae-ron’s character, Yeon-Hee wore hanbok that matches the young actress’ really small figure. The color selection also helped make Kim Sae-ron transformed from a young girl into a lady that she is.


Hong Ra-on (Kim Yoo-jung) from Love in the Moonlight only wore one female hanbok in the series. But it was elegantly beautiful that I had to include her in this list.


Whether you like or hate Go Ara’s character in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, one can’t deny the actress’ standout visual while wearing hanbok. Ranging from that commoners’ hanbok to the royal garb thrown at her, this hazel-eyed beauty effortlessly pull off her Korean traditional dresses.



I picked some of Ha Ji-won’s impressive hanbok in Empress Ki as a I brace myself for her comeback to K-dramaland with the medical series, Hospital Ship.


There are a lot other glamorous hanbok in seaguks because Koreans don’t run out of ways to perfectly style their actress in the most fabulous piece of clothing. So, watch out for more K-Lookbook specials and follow our blog!


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