K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 10

School 2017 Episode 10 is a combination of both funny and heart-wrenching scenes. But ultimately, it tells us the beauty of friendship.  It shows us how difficulties become easier when you have someone who supports you, a true friend who is willing to share life’s burdens with you.

Let’s delve into School 2017 Ep 10 based on these 10 daebak scenes!

 A Guy Like Tae-woon


This noona will earnestly pray to the heavens to give her someone like Tae-woon. When it comes to Eun-ho, Tae-woon has clearly shed off his bad boy persona; when it comes to our sassy heroine, the Hot Rebel turns into a dashing paladin. The way he supports her is just priceless.


I don’t know if it’s the hormones or what, but I honestly teared up a bit in this scene. Tae-woon’s words and the way he said it were both reassuring and calming.


Isn’t it nice to have a guy say this to you when you’re on the edge of giving up, “you may give up, but I cant. I refuse to see you suffer when you did no wrong. I won’t let  you fight alone. And I won’t let you be lonely. So, trust me. Be strong. let’s fight together?”

An Open Letter


Eun-ho and Tae-woon worked on a poster containing the former’s open letter to “the one who lies without batting an eye,” in other words, to Hee-chan. It was posted outside the faculty room and everyone’s response is overwhelming.


Before the students arrived, Teacher Koo noticed the poster. And upon reading it, he smiled, fixed the tape and wrote 09, which is gu/ku (구) in Korean.


Eun-ho’s open letter reads:

“To you, who lies without batting an eye. Someone said you were blessed with good parents. But I don’t envy you. Preferential treatment and shamelessness that mocks fair, hard work. I’m grateful, actually. Thanks to you, I was able to realize just how beautiful my life has been. I don’t succumb to injustice. I can fight together with my friends. I’m happy and proud.”

Secret Admirer ft the Jealous Oppa


Students posted sticky notes on Eun-ho’s open letter in support of her fight. But the one that stood out the most is the post-it from Eun’ho’s admirer.


It’s fun to see Tae-woon inspecting the penmanship of his classmates to find out if they were Eun-ho’s admirer. But it’s more fun to see the Hot Rebel’s face when he finally got to meet the guy crushing on his lady love. Kim Jung-hyun’s facial expressions are so believable that you might think he actually likes Sejeong, kekeke.

school 2010 ep 10 ra eun ho admirer hyun tae woon jealousschool 2010 ep 10 hyun tae woon jealous ra eun ho admirer

The Dedicated Teacher and the Helpful Officer

After noticing how Bo-ra avoids Teacher Jang, Officer Han and Mr. Shim decided to investigate the possible reason. And what they found justifies Bo-ra’s “I will not ask for your help again. I’ve learned my lesson” words to the female teacher in a previous episode.

Teacher Jang was the one handling Hee-chan and Bo-ra’s violence case a year ago. And to cut the story short, Bo-ra trusted her teacher but the latter for what ever reason changed her decision in a day, Bo-ra turned into the assailant from being the victim.

PicsArt_08-31-03.34.06I want to commend both Officer Han and Teacher Shim’s dedication in finding out the truth. The two spent the night to go through each counselling document to find notes on Bo-ra and Hee-chan’s case.

Umbrella of Hope


Bo-ra is exhausted from all the injustice she suffered. She shunned away Eun-ho’s kind gesture. But while walking home amidst the pouring rain, Tae-woon’s simple act of giving her his umbrella is like a ray of hope.

school 2010 ep 10 seo bo ra hyun tae woon its raining umbrella

Tae-woon didn’t say much but it’s enough for this wounded soul.


Dae-hwi Mans Up

Boy! Am I satisfied or what!? Dae-hwi freakin’ punched Hee-chan on the face after finding him harassing Bo-ra again.

school 2010 ep 10 song dae hwi punch kim hee chan

A little bit of a back story on why Bo-ra does not trust Mr. Perfect. During last year’s violence case between Bo-ra and Hee-chan, Dae-hwi acted as the latter’s sort of henchman. He tried to convince Bo-ra to drop the case. Bo-ra thought that Dae-hwi really cared for her, well maybe he really did, but when he apologized for Hee-chan and even tried to bribe her, Bo-ra lost her faith to Geumdo High’s student body president.


It’s heart-warming to see Dae-hwi standing up for Bo-ra. When he punched Hee-chan, Dae-hwi gave up the chance to attend a review class for Soyul University’s entrance exam.

It’s Never Too Late to Say Sorry


Dae-hwi has been struggling a lot and is bothered by his conscience for a long time, but after finally apologizing to Bo-ra, a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

The Truth Shall Set the Girl Free


During the school violence committee, Eun-ho was charged as the assailant. But worry not, Bo-ra and Tae-woon arrived just in time to rescue her. This two’s entrance reminded me of the iconic walk of my men, Grim Reaper and Kim Shin, hahaha.

school 2010 ep 10 seo bo ra hyun tae woon rescue eun ho hearing

Bo-ra finally decided to testify for Eun-ho, Hee-chan’s lawyer even tried to reason out that Bo-ra’s testimony is not enough to prove what really happened, but the bullied girl is also smart and presented a cellphone video of Hee-chan harassing Eun-ho.


And in case you’re wondering what made Bo-ra finally decide to help Eun-ho, it’s all thanks to the Hot Rebel. He admitted to Bo-ra that he’s Student X to show his sincerity in his promise to protect her.


It’s also noteworthy to say that Teacher Shim fulfilled his promise to Bo-ra that he will find a way to help her. He asked the committee for a review on the violence case concerning Bo-ra and Bit-na.

Ooh Look What You Made Me Do ft Bo-ra


It’s inspiring to see Bo-ra standing up for herself. Bit-na tried to bully her again after discovering that she filed a complaint to the Ministry of Education but Bo-ra finally decided that she will no longer take any one’s cr@p. The way she dissed Bit-na, asking if she’s going to cry to mommy again, deserves a standing ovation.


Bit-na tried to slap Bo-ra, but sorry, she’s already a fierce gal now jamming to Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do.

school 2010 ep 10 seo bora brave yoo bit na

The Only Xs I Want

Okay, I’m a bad conspiracy theorist for suspecting that the Brat Brigade of Bit-na and Hee-chan can be behind Student X. I was blinded by the text message scenes and missed the point that they can’t be responsible for the prank movement since they do not really care for their classmates and are actually the ones who benefit from the preferential treatment at school.


Speaking of Student X, Hee-chan found ex-principal Yang’s investigation stuff on the hooded prankster and decided to do his own probe. It’s clear that Hee-chan is suspecting Tae-woon and wants to entrap him. He sent Student X a message threatening him that Eun-ho will be hurt if he doesn’t agree to meet.


Of course, Tae-woon will risk himself for Eun-ho’s safety but the next scene will drive you crazy. Just when Hee-chan started filming Student X and thought that he’s smarter than him, the man removed his hood and it turned out to be Dae-hwi, ha! Shame on you Hee-chan!

school 2010 ep 10 student x revealed song dae hwi kim hee chan

I was starting to be worried for Tae-woon, actually. Thank you Dae-hwi, may the heavens bless your soul. Wooooh.

school 2010 ep 10 student x hyun tae woon song dae hwi

School 2017 Ep 10 ended with Tae-woon and Dae-hwi, donned in their black hoodies, coming across each other.

school 2010 ep 10 student x tae woon dae hwi show face

Can I just say that the first thing I thought after the two revealed their faces is “stop! put back your hoods on, Hee-chan might still be lingering somewhere. Save yourselves  from further trouble oppas!”


After all that she has been through, it’s comforting to see Bo-ra smiling and finally having a friend she can rely on.


With the type of person Hee-chan is, I don’t think he’ll easily give up and just accept that Dae-hwi is Student X. I’ll try to keep my worries to myself until I watch the next episode.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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