K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 7

We go back to five years ago before Pil (Jaejoong) enlisted in the military. The truth about our friends’ best kept secrets are slowly unfolding, and it’s time to face them head-on.

So, Jin-sook (Jung Hye-sung) and Pil were about to open the food truck (so she sold skewers originally?). We get a pretty good glimpse of Soo-jin (UEE) clearly smitten with Pil. LOL at Jaejoong who was pretty good in acting out that hilarious wake-up scene where Pil thought he had married Soo-jin in this timeline!

After Pil realizes that he is not married to Soo-jin and it’s the day before his military enlistment, he immediately remembers what happened that day. Jin-sook launched her food truck, Soo-jin took pictures the whole day but her camera broke because of the unexpected downpour. This means it’s Pil’s chance to correct this again and eventually confess to Soo-jin.

But as always, things don’t go the way he wanted it to be. And it’s so frustrating to see Pil and Soo-jin struggling with showing their true emotions. They both liked each other, but what went wrong?

Every week, I am honestly really excited to see where in the past Pil is headed to. Maknae Ahjumma even told me that Pil goes back to events in his life wherein he needs second chances. The high school altercation scene, beach fire, and this one. He is given another chance to correct all the missed opportunities in his past life. His wish of stopping Soo-jin’s wedding can actually help him become a mature person and not the same lazy bum who fails civil servant exams anymore. Soo-jin is not that dumb to notice Pil’s struggle to confess his feelings for her. She knows Pil likes her and does not doubt it at all, but she just wanted to make sure that she is not just assuming and that the feelings are real. Too bad Pil was not able to confess up until the end.

Speaking of confession, Pil’s video message-slash-love confession for Soo-jin was one of the best written scripts in recent K-dramas. It was so simple, yet it felt real. I had to pause my player for a moment of giddy silence. I think the main highlight of this episode was not the lovey dovey moments of Pil and Soo-jin, nor Soo-jin’s unexpected confession. It’s Jin-sook, our smart and loyal friend who loves Pil at the sidelines. She knows Pil likes Soo-jin, but it still hurts her when she hears Pil’s confession firsthand. I still want to trust Jin-sook. She can never betray her friends, right? She did not delete the video confession, right?


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