Movie Review: 5 Scenes from My Annoying Brother (2016) That Might Make You Wanna Hug Your Siblings


Who have never fought with their siblings? I bet none coz siblings are basically the most annoying human beings in the planet. HA HA HA. Some spend days engaging in a “cold war” over petty things like a damaged shirt, or a broken gadget, or because one ate the other’s favorite snack strategically hidden inside the fridge. Despite that, siblings are also the very first best friends people had growing up. They are the ones you tell your secrets to, your shoulder to cry on, and your saviour from bullies at school. And in this edition of K-Movie Corner, I’m gonna present to you the 2016 film My Annoying Brother that will surely make you appreciate your siblings even more.

My Annoying Brother tells the story of two estranged brothers, con man Doo-shik (Cho Jung-seok) and national Judo athlete Doo-young (D.O.), who suddenly found themselves cohabitating after the former used the latter’s unfortunate situation of becoming blind to get parole from the prison. They first had a rough start together but were able to patch things up later on. But as if being played with by fate, Doo-shik discovered that he is terminally ill just when his relationship with his younger brother is starting to mend. Knowing that he has only a limited time to live, Doo-shik, together with Coach Lee Soo-hyun (Park Shin-hye), dedicated his remaining days to help Doo-young restore his will and confidence to win a gold medal in the Rio Paralympics, thus to secure his future even without him anymore by his side.

In all honesty, the story plot is so ordinary, and the way it is presented to the viewers is also very formulaic. The first hour of the movie showcases the comedic scenes, mostly delivered by Cho Jung-seok’s character, while the second half delivers the emotional and inspiring moments. In spite of this, the two main characters’ solid acting and strong chemistry with each other made the movie a satisfying and memorable one. I have loved Cho Jung-seok since Oh My Ghostess (2015), while D.O. first impressed me through It’s Okay, It’s Love (2014) where he proved that he is more than just a boy band member. D.O.’s believable acting as a blind Judo athlete in this movie earned him a Best New Actor nomination at the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards.

The ordinary yet effective storyline of My Annoying Brother certainly touched the hearts of a lot of moviegoers as it topped the local box-office on its debut with over a million ticket sales in just first four days of release. The movie came from the expertise of Yoo Yeong-ah, who also wrote the 2013 mega hit Miracle in Cell No. 7, and PD Kwon Soo-kyung, who debuted in 2006 via Barefoot Ki-bong.  Both movies are remarkably good comedy-dramas, so the birth of yet another moving masterpiece from Yoo and Kwon’s team-up is no surprise.

Now, let’s take a look at these five scenes from My Annoying Brother that will prove that siblings are still the best people in the universe even though they are not so lovable most of the time (too bad I have none):



Isn’t it cool to have a constant shopping buddy or an instant fashion critic in your siblings though their tastes are often questionable? ㅋㅋㅋ



I always dream of having a big sis who can go with me to the spa to have a nice facial or full body massage while we talk about our crushes. If you have one, I envy you!



Bar-hopping to check out some date prospects is definitely one of the “crimes” I would love to commit with a dongsaeng!



On a serious note, having a sibling whom you can talk to is truly a blessing because more often than not, what we just need for us to face our fears and chase our dreams is a simple pep talk.



Tell me, is there any other better ways to recharge our wavering souls than to think of how much we want to make our parents and siblings proud?


Final verdict: Cliché, but the irony of it is it is actually what made it interesting. 4/5

~All credit for the stills/photos/videos used in this review goes to Good Choice Cut Pictures and CJ Entertainment.

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