K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Ship | Episodes 3-4

Their pasts are slowly haunting them.

Kim Jae-gul’s Background

I really didn’t put any thought into Kim Jae-gul’s (Lee So-won) aloofness towards Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won). I brushed it off as just merely his first impression but it turns out his hatred has a deeper meaning. Jae-gul’s father apparently is a surgeon like Eun-jae and he also has a familial conflict like Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-hyun). His father blames him for his sibling’s death. There were no other details aside from that but I guess our laid back Korean medicine doctor is also running away from his own life issues.

Kwak Hyun’s Trauma

The very confident internal medicine doctor, Kwak Hyun, suddenly froze when Eun-jae ordered him to intubate a patient. He then remembered something from his past where he was blamed for a patient’s death. It was also still vague but it made Kwak Hyun’s character more appealing to me. I can now see visions of him and Eun-jae truly understanding each other because of their past experiences.

Song Eun-jae’s Secret

There is more to Eun-jae’s reason to go to the Hospital Ship than what we are being led on. There were glimpses of what really happened in Seoul in between the time after her mother’s death and before she joined the Hospital Ship. But one thing I’m sure of is that she’s not at fault. She still looks confident in the operating room for someone who allegedly made a medical malpractice. Urgh, I hate the gossiping of the ship’s crew.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

Seeds for future conflicts are slowly being laid in these episodes. I have a good feeling on scenarios that could arise from the characters’ pasts. I’m trusting PD-nim and Writer-nim, who both helm outstanding dramas like Missing You and Hwang Jini, to give me an emphatic medical series that these episodes are promising.

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