K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 8

We return to a more realistic present timeline in this hour, and probably the most hurtful revelations to date.


Don’t you just love Manhole’s set of OSTs?


Bong Pil (Jaejoong) returns to his old life as an ordinary boy-next-door who is still caught up in a one-sided love with Soo-jin (UEE) – but this time, he is working as a part-timer in Jin-sook’s (Jung Hye-sung) juice truck! It’s the day when Jae-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan) proposes to Soo-jin, so Pil is a bit agitated after realizing that he did not end up with Soo-jin after that cliffhanger confession in the last episode.

Manhole 8 (1)

My heart goes out to Jin-sook who endured the pain alone all these years while harboring that unrequited love for Pil. And this time, we see a different side of Jin-sook – a more human side of her. No matter how nice you are to always step back for the love of your life, you are just a human, a weak and fragile human. This also reveals the fallout between Pil and Soo-jin… or why they never got the chance to be together.

Manhole 8 (15)

Remember when Suk-tae (Baro) blocked Soo-jin’s confession photo card for Pil back in high school? This time, it’s Jin-sook’s turn to become the green-eyed monster. She apparently intercepted all the letters of Pil for Soo-jin when he was still serving in the military! That was for two whole years!!!! I love Jin-sook, but the fact that she can deceive her friends like that makes her a real bitch. She did not even had the guts to tell Soo-jin that she had her lost camera all along. If not for Jae-hyun, that camera will be forgotten in time.

Manhole 8 (5)


I swear the Goo-gil – Jung-ae – Dal-soo love triangle makes this drama a whole lot better! I like how Jung-ae’s heart is as unpredictable as this drama goes. Jung-ae tried to discuss wedding plans with Dal-soo, but failed to get any interest from him. He does not want to talk about it marriage yet as they were both young. They had a misunderstanding, and Goo-gil used this chance to court Jung-ae with a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers.

Ah… My heart was not ready for that co-habitation proposal from Dal-soo! And of course, to make it more complicated, Goo-gil had to witness it! I am torn~


I am still not charmed by Jae-hyun’s lovey dovey antics with Soo-jin, and we are halfway already. Maybe because he was introduced in the original timeline as a cheater, I don’t care about his marriage proposal in this episode. Some may find it sweet, but the epilogue reveals that he is still a cheater. Cheating does not only mean having third party or another affair outside of the relationship. It can also mean starting the relationship through evil ways, like what Jae-hyun did. I was about to suspect Suk-tae again because of his reputation (LOL), but it turned out Pil was right with Jae-hyun. He got it right again this time. Too bad Soo-jin does not believe him when he said Jae-hyun was the one who deleted his confession video.

Fate and bad timing, Pil-ah!

Manhole 8 (14)Manhole 8 (16)

PS: How cute is Suk-tae while fixing that blender for Jin-sook? I love them!




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