K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 11

It’s not that people easily give up on their dreams; it’s just that sometimes, life’s circumstances push us to let go of our aspirations. School 2017 Episode 11 officially welcomes Ra Eun-ho to the adulting world.

adulting is hard terrible

Ra Eun-ho, The Responsible Daughter

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho family

Eun-ho’s dad and brother got scammed by her father’s childhood friend. Omma was in shambles after finding out that the money they used for the investment was actually the house’s rent deposit.

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho mom crying

Because of this, Eun-ho made the difficult decision of foregoing her dreams in order to help with the family’s finances. Instead of doing her webtoon, she worked several part time jobs.

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho working part time jobSchool 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho working convenience store part time

Ending Things Before It Start

Eun-ho and Tae-woon had a falling off after the latter seems not to be understanding Eun-ho’s situation and the real reason why she’s not working on her webtoon . Eun-ho had the impression that rich boy Tae-woon does not understand how painful it is for her to let go of her dreams and that she was left with no choice because her family needs to survive.

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho mad at hyun tae woon

Eun-ho told Tae-woon that her computer broke down as an excuse not to continue her webtoon. Tae-woon tried to be considerate and decided to give his laptop to Eun-ho, but the latter, considering how heavy her heart is, took Tae-woon’s kindness in the wrong way. Kudos to Sejeong for giving justice to this scene.

School 2017 Ep 11 ra eun ho hyun tae woon fight breakup

Earlier, Tae-woon asked Eun-ho what her answer is to his confession. And because of their misunderstanding, this is what Eun-ho replied, “Do you think other people’s pain, pride, and effort are that easy? Who are you to make easy of my pride and my dream? People’s dreams aren’t easy to protect like yours. What I need right now is not your kindness. So, Tae-woon, don’t come to me again. Stay away. Don’t think about or get involved in my life anymore. This is my answer.”

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho stay away hyun tae woon fight

The Hot Rebel’s Dream

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho hyun tae woon dream

It’s heart-warming to see Tae-woon being passionate about something aside from Eun-ho, haha. Tae-woon’s eyes lit up after seeing motorcycles at a mechanic. He was so animated while explaining facts to Eun-ho that he almost looked like an innocent child.

School 2017 ep 11 hyun tae woon dream motorcycle

Later that night, Tae-woon revealed to Eun-ho that he once dreamt of designing motorcycles before Joon-gi’s accident. But now, it looks like Eun-ho has become his dream.

School 2017 Ep 11 ra eun ho is hyun tae woon dream

Before their fight, Eun-ho even encouraged Tae-woon of dreaming again and gifted him with a motorcycle magazine.

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho gift magazine to hyun tae woon

From Bronemies to Brothers?

School 2017 ep 11 song dae hwi hyun tae woon friends

I have this feeling that Dae-hwi and Tae-woon will soon settle their differences and become best friends again. Teacher Koo caught them grabbing each other’s collars and punished them of cleaning the art room.

School 2017 ep song dae hwi teacher goo kim jung hyun

I think this is Teacher Koo’s way of helping the two realize the beauty of their friendship. Dae-hwi even found Tae-woon’s old sketch pad supporting Eun-ho’s belief that the Hot Rebel is indeed a good artist.

School 2017 ep 11 hyun tae woon drawing

Hanging by a Thread

School 2017 ep 11 kim hee chan crying mom

School 2017 Ep 11 gives us a peek of how bad Hee-chan felt with the way his mom treats him. He exploded and shouted at his mom on how much suffocated he is. Kim Hee-chan, the actor, will make you proud of how good he is in this scene. The way he cried and shouted, the way he expressed the character’s angst and pain is so real and heart-felt. Personally, his “I’m barely hanging on” line made my eyes sweaty.

School 2017 Ep 11 kim hee chan mad cry burst out vs mom

Jelly Baby ft Mr.Nice Guy

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho jealous hyun tae woon

Let me present to you another certified jelly baby of School 2017, the jealous and in-denial Ra Eun-ho.

School 2017 Ep 11 ra eun ho jealous hyun tae woon

Tae-hyun helped Eun-ho in delivering chicken when some high school girls were smitten by the Hot Rebel’s charms. Eun-ho’s jealous face when she looked back to the girls is too darn cute.

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho jealous

Mr. Nice Guy, the fan of Eun-ho’s webtoon, was discovered in this episode hahaha.

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho hyun tae woon mr nice guy

Tipsy Findings

For this episode’s Tipsy Findings, here are some School 2017 behind the scene photos and videos. Enjoy!

  • Kim Jung-hyun (Hyun Tae-woon) and Kim Sejeong (Ra Eun-ho)

School 2017 ep 11 kim jung hyun kim sejeong

  • Jang Dong-yoon (Song Dae-hwi) and Seol In-ah (Hong Nam-joo)

School 2017 Ep 11 jang dong yoon seol in ah

  • Seo Ji-hoon (Yoon Kyung-woo) and Choi Sung-min (Han Duk-soo)

School 2017 seo ji hoon choi sung min yoon kyung woo

  • Kim Jung-hyun and Kim Jin-woo (Im Joon-gi)

School 2017 ep 11 kim jung hyun kim jin woo

  • Jang Dong-yoon and Kim Hee-chan

School 2017 jang dong yoon kim hee chan

Will Eun-ho and Tae-woon be able to patch things up in School 2017 Episode 12? Let’s find out. Annyeong!

School 2017 ep 11 ra eun ho hyun tae woon selfie selcaSchool 2017 ep 11 hyuntae woon ra eun ho fight

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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