Jang Nara-Sohn Ho-joon’s Confession Spouses looks promising with casting of various supports

Confession Spouses is set to debut on KBS in a little over a month, and the way it is shaping up is so far looking good.

The drama will center on the story of estranged couple Jang Nara (One More Happy Ending) and Sohn Ho-joon (Blow Breeze), who are both unhappy with how their life together turned out. It is still unclear whether the show will have a time travel element, but it is sure that a huge chunk of it will be set on the main couple’s college years.

Cast as Sohn Ho-joon’s college best friends are Heo Jung-min (Introverted Boss) and Lee Ki-yung (Mirror of the Witch). Heo Jung-min’s character is described as a bit weakling in school who successfully changed his style due to his love for Han Bo-reum’s character. Lee Ki-yung, meanwhile, will play a character that is bright and charming, but is naïve and a little dumb.

On the other hand, Han Bo-reum (Bring It On, Ghost) is cast as one of the two best friends of Jang Nara’s character along with Jo Hye-jung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo). Han Bo-reum is a former cheerleader with an easy-going personality and high alcohol tolerance, while Jo Hye-jyung is a bit of an oddball who has an innocent outer appearance but has a surprising dose of sarcasm.

In addition are Jang Ki-yong (The Liar and His Lover) and Go Bo-kyul (Seven Day Queen), who will vie for the main leads’ love. Jang Ki-yong will play the character of an upperclassman that got turned down by Jang Nara after he unexpectedly confessed to her. Go Byung-kyul, meanwhile, is a ballet major with whom Sohn Ho-joon had a one-sided love before.

And to complete the list of supporting characters is Im Ji-gyu (Man to Man) who will take on the role of Sohn Ho-joon’s sunbae in med school. He is now a hospital director and has a relationship with his hoobae built on their mutual dislike for one another.

Confession Spouses is set to take on Strongest Deliveryman’s timeslot on KBS starting October 13.

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