K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 10


Maybe it’s true that the kindness you showed the universe will all come back to you one way or another.

Choi Kang-soo (Go Kyung-pyo) is now reaping all the fruits of his kind deeds because when he launched his own delivery business, a lot of people offered a helping hand. The delivery boys who lost their jobs after their bosses discovered their secret deliveries for Hanyang gave Kang-soo their 100 percent trust and joined him as his first employees. Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin), on the other hand, had no choice but to accept Kang-soo’s job offer after she got fired at Lively (though it’s obvious that the Master Cook and the Joker Ahjumma planned this out to make sure Dan-ah will be part of Kang-soo’s venture). At first, Dan-ah is hesitant about the whole thing (well, who wouldn’t?), but Kang-soo’s determination changed her mind.

The business started off strong, with many restaurants around their neighborhood getting their services. Their future even looked brighter following the launch of their Strongest Deliveryman app with the help of a web developer whom Kang-soo saved from a mugger before. This pretty web developer noona is very touchy towards Kang-soo, making somebody uber jealous! It’s so funny to discover that our feisty heroine can act so childishly out of jealousy like giving the two deadly stares and attempting to spit on the pretty noona’s coffee. Though that’s gross, seriously.


Strongest Deliveryman’s success and Hanyang’s persistence posed a huge threat to the Jung family’s restaurant, prompting Lee Ji-yoon’s (Ko Won-hee) omma to apply her dirty business strategies once again. She officially bought the building where Hanyang is located that resulted in its forced closure. This is to boost the sales of the Jung family’s restaurant to ensure that her plan to make Jin-gyu a director ASAP would come to fruition. Aish, I really hate this ahjumma! I need to know why she’s so obsessed in that plan. I mean, yes, it’s probably part of Jin-gyu’s preparations for becoming Ji-yoon’s husband, but what truly puzzles me is why she picked Jin-gyu for her daughter? Or did I just miss something from the past episodes?


The turn of events once again put Kang-soo and Jin-gyu’s friendship on peril as the former thought the latter has something to do with Hanyang’s closure, and this makes me sad. It’s so nice to see them cheering on each other to succeed, but because of someone’s greed, our two gents’ friendly competition might turn ugly.


Dan-ah and Kang-soo’s relationship continues to get better day by day. I like how they are starting to open themselves up with each other. Dan-ah is now getting more and more comfortable with Kang-soo’s presence in her life. I like that she smiles more often now, as if she’s starting to enjoy life again after spending years working her ass off, counting down the days ’til she reach her goal. Though I must say that she’s a saddist type of lover because she’s always hitting Kang-soo somewhere! LOL.


Kang-soo, on the other hand, seems not afraid to let Dan-ah see the vulnerable side of him when he told her about him having no family.


This actually frustrates me instead of making me happy because I know that the more they let each other be part of their lives, the more they will get hurt once the day that Dan-ah has to leave comes. So I echo Kang-soo’s wish for Dan-ah to stay because I can’t stand to see the both of them suffer. Do you think it’s possible?

P.S. I’m loving Kang-soo’s new hair style! Much better than his curly locks. LOL.

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