K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 10

Another enjoyable episode has aired, and Manhole still has its loopholes, BUT the only important thing is – I still like this show. I am still looking forward to watching it next week and the week after that. Because the show is as unpredictable as ever, I can still overlook the plot holes and not take things too seriously. I hope that’s the case for everyone, too.

Manhole 10 (6)Manhole 10 (5)


This show appealed at my poor fan girl heart with warmth and amusement. It can make me very frustrated at one point, and laugh out loud in the next scene. Just like what Pil said, I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Can I go in that manhole, too?


Manhole never runs out of surpises! I was just about to write about the lack of interesting events in Dal-soo (Lee Sang-yi) and Jung-ae’s (Kim Min-ji) love line, and then this happened. Who would have thought that aside from being the owner of a DVD rental shop, he is apparently the youngest son of a company chairman???? LOL

Of course, there is this cruel eommoni intervening the love between her son and a poor girl. Eommoni objects the relationship, saying she does not want Jung-ae for Dal-soo. She told Jung-ae that just because two people love each other does not mean they are meant together. Wow… some harsh words straight out of that rich mouth. Kids, it’s true. You can never buy class.

Manhole 10


Omo, I can’t believe Jang Mi-kwan is a murderous psychopath in this drama, too! After getting insulted by an agitated customer in his pharmacy, he trailed him complete with a very creepy outfit and beat the hell out of the poor guy. Although the customer was really a bit out of place, we cannot ignore the truth that Jae-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan) has the tendency to kill people. Good thing, Pil witnessed the altercation and stopped someone from spilling blood. (He was unaware that the suspect was Jae-hyun, though.)

And speaking of being creepy, he even followed Soo-jin to London! In this present world, Soo-jin was about to study abroad to finally move on from her feelings for Pil. She is not in a relationship with Jae-hyun, who kept on pursuing her. His creepiness surged to a maximum level after he also enrolled in the same university as Soo-jin! Good thing this is only a temporary world created by Pil’s magical manhole.

Manhole 10 (1)


In this timeline, another wedding is about to happen. Pil wakes up in his room lying beside a sleepy Jin-sook. THEY ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP AND THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED! 😂 Pil spent the whole day wondering how all of these happened, but eventually gave in to the wedding preparations because he does not want to kill Jin-sook’s excitement. A day well-spent buying house warming gifts and a wedding photo shoot, Pil is a bit hesitant because this is obviously not what he imagined his life to be. He went to that manhole to prevent Soo-jin’s wedding, but now he is the one getting married… with another girl!

I pity Jin-sook for going this far. She really managed to make Pil as her fiance and she almost even registered their upcoming marriage. Good thing she realized that no matter how hard she tried to claim Pil’s heart, it originally belongs to someone else. No matter how many letters she intercept, she can never erase the most important reality of this all: Pil and Soo-jin liked each other.

Manhole 10 (2)

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