K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 9

The harsh reality of going in and out of the magical manhole has hit Pil (Jaejoong)… that no matter how much he wanted to change the past, everything will just reset when he gets back. And the harsh part of it all is that the uncomfortable truths do not change. Jin-sook (Jung Hye-sung) still stole those letters, and Soo-jin (UEE) is still in a relationship with Jae-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan). Everything else can be altered, but not the way everyone felt at that particular moment in that particular timeline.


This d-bag is apparently still a psychopath oppa even in this drama! What’s with Jang Mi-kwan’s characters being fond of  keeping pictures of women creepily? I really hope this cheating bastard do not turn take the murderous path just like his old kidnapping character.

Manhole 9 (5)Manhole 9 (4)


Our good friend Suk-tae (Baro) is also a victim of unrequited love, but he does talk some sense out of Jin-sook in this one. Just as how Jin-sook cannot give up on liking Pil, Suk-tae cannot easily let go of his love for Jin-sook, too. And the fact that he revealed his most important secret to Jin-sook, it means he is more open now. Because of his envy, he also stole Soo-jin’s old high school letters for Pil. The ball is now on Jin-sook’s hands after he told her about the missing letters. They both know Soo-jin and Pil both liked each other all these years, and if not because of their interference, those two would have been together for a long time.

PS: How cute is Suk-tae when the first word he uttered after learning that he passed the exam was Jin-sook’s name? He was so excited to become a civil servant because it’s what Jin-sook wanted. Too bad he did not get the reaction he deserved from Jin-sook.


Our birthday girl’s selfishness took toll on her in this hour after Pil accidentally revealed about his missing military mails to their friends. She has liked Pil for a very long time and it pains me to watch her getting hurt because the love of her life loves her very own best friend.

Manhole 9 (6)Manhole 9 (7)


Poor, Soo-jin. The circumstances just don’t align with her. She likes Pil, too. She even wrote her love confession a very long time ago. She thought Pil ignored those letters, she never even asked him about it. She went to the military camp to visit Pil, only to witness Jin-sook affectionately laughing with him over lunch. She gave up on Pil not because she did not receive any replies from her letters or did not get any love confession from his part. It is because sometimes, friendships hurt more than love. She would rather lose Pil to Jin-sook, than to lose Jin-sook because of her selfish love.

Manhole 9 (11)Manhole 9 (12)

  • PIL

“We told each other how we feel many times, but it’s as if our confessions of love never happened.”

Although he is the most privileged among his friends because he has the chance to travel through time and chase the missed opportunities he once had, Pil is still the most pitiful of all the characters in this dramaverse. He is the only one who gets to experience all the heartbreaks from one timeline to another. He got into a riot, almost died from a beach fire, and lost his precious loved ones because of time travelling. I hope Pil soon realizes that he does not need to go back and forth time to change things. He only needs to return to the present and apologize to every one he had hurt before… and finally confess his love for Soo-jin while disregarding all the painful revelations he knew.

Manhole 9 (10)


Just like Pil, your grumpy ahjumma is at a mess right now, and this song has been saving me the whole time from losing my sanity for real. Performed by one of my K-pop faves from years back, this Manhole OST has been on repeat for the whole day this entire week.

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