K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 12

School 2017 Episode 12 will make you ask if anyone’s cutting onions. Prepare your tissues my fellow K-drama drunkards as this noona will focus her Ep 12 reaction on the three scenes that tugged her emotional strings real hard.

cutting onions meme

I’ve decided to dive deeper into the beautiful relationship between the adorable Oh Sa-rang and her selfless mom (Kim Soo-jin).

First Onion – A Loving Daughter and a Selfless Mom

One thing I love about the School franchise is how it genuinely portrays the hardships of various types of students, including issues of poverty.

Since the beginning of the series, I’ve been admiring Sa-rang’s character and her positive outlook in life. Despite her family’s dire financial situation, she remained a bright and cheerful person. In the entire class, Sa-rang is the lone student who took the civil servant exam instead of preparing for college application. Every time Sa-rang talks about why she does not think of her dreams, it warms and breaks my heart at the same time. I respect Sa-rang for being able to fully grasp their condition and for always being considerate to her mom.

School 2017 ep 12 oh sarang mother wipe hands

The audience always get a peek of Sa-rang’s views, but in School 2017 Ep 12 PDnim took us to the heart of her mother and how she feels about her daughter who never complains.

Sa-rang told her mom that she failed the civil servant exam and the latter responded that she should start preparing for college just like her classmates. Her mother also told her not to worry about her and think of what she wants to do.

school 2017 ep 12 oh sarang fight mom

Sa-rang raised her voice  a bit and her response will surely crush your heart, “Given our circumstances, how could I dream and think of a future? I know that’s a luxury I can’t afford. It will only give me false hope.”

Guitar Oppa to the Rescue

school 2017 ep 12 yoon kyungwoo oh sarang crying

Sa-rang immediately felt guilty for acting like a brat to her poor mother. And who do you think saves the day? Well, none other than my favorite School 2017 oppa and guitar man Yoon Kyung-woo. He advised Sa-rang to tell her mom the truth about how she feels.

School 2017 ep 12 oh sarang yoon kyung woo

Off topic, my soul is squealing when Kyung-woo rubbed Sa-rang’s head to comfort her. He even gave her his handkerchief. Uuuuggghh, please be together!

Kidding aside, I 100% agree with Kyung-woo’s words that when it comes to family, the one who causes pain usually hurts more.

Second Onion – Ramyun

school 2017 ep 12 oh saranh and mom fight noodles

Sa-rang’s mom asked her why she did not join a field study. Sa-rang tried to make excuses at first but omma asked her if it is because of money concerns. This caused Sa-rang to have a mini meltdown again and ended up shouting at her mom. Omma was taken aback after hearing her daughter ask how many days she will live on cup noodles if she joined the field study. Sa-rang yelled at her mother saying she knows her mom eats ramyun in the bathroom.

school 2017 ep 12 oh saramg mother fight noodles

The scene ended with omma telling Sa-rang to skip her prep classes and have dinner with her.

Third Onion – Have Faith in Omma

school 2017 ep 12 oh sarang mom restaurant

Omma brought Sa-rang to an expensive restaurant. The thoughtful daughter tried to convince her mom to leave but omma lovingly explains to Sa-rang how she wanted her to experience things that other kids do. She assured Sa-rang that she’s still young and strong and can support her needs. Omma’s “please have faith in me” and “let me be a mom to my heart’s content” left me ugly crying.

school 2017 ep 12 oh sarang crying mom

“Don’t worry so much about me. That’s insulting. So, please have faith in me, will you? Get annoyed like other kids. Throw tantrums. And take it out on me whenever you need, okay? Kids are allowed to that to their moms…if things get unbearable, I’ll let you know.”

School 2017 ep 12 oh sarang cry mother tears restaurant

This scene pulled my heartstrings because it depicted the selfless love of a mother to her child and vice versa. Omma played the scene beautifully since I can see my mom in her eyes.

school 2017 ep 12 oh sarang mother

Geumdo High Updates

School 2017 ep 12 hyun tae woon song dae hwi reconcile

Song Dae-hwi and Hyun Tae-woon finally settle their differences. After another round of fistfight, the two open up their hearts to each other after.

School 2017 ep 12 hyun tae woon song dae hwi reconcile

The Hot Rebel swallows his pride for Eun-ho and helped the latter with her part-time jobs. Tae-woon really knows how to make a noona fall for him with his “rather than protecting my pride, I’d rather protect your dream” words.

School 2017 ep 12 hyun tae woon fights for ra eun ho dreamSchool 2017 ep 12 hyun tae woon funny a eun ho convenience store


Issue was kicked out of his idol group but was assured by Teacher Jung (Min Sung-wook) that each person isn’t limited to one dream.

School 2017 ep 12 issue sf9 ro woon

Young-gun helped Officer Han catch a thief and was offered a job by the cop.

School 2017 ep 12 young gun officer han sunhwa

Principal Yang was reinstated to his post after convincing Director Hyun that he can immediately catch Student X.

School 2017 ep 12 principal yang reinstated

Teacher Shim acted out as X thinking that he is helping a student who tries to bring justice to the school.

School 2017 ep 12 teacher shim as student x officer han

Hee-chan failed to outsmart Student X yet again, boo-hoo-hoo.

School 2017 ep 12 student x hideout hee chan principal jang

The Hot Rebel got a heart emoticon from Eun-ho.

School 2017 ep 12 hyun tae woon heart emoticon ra eunho

And last but not the least, Tae-woon and Eun-ho are now officially dating! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!

School 2017 ep 12 ra eun ho hyun tae woon

School 2017 ep 12 hyuntae woon ra eun ho dating 2

School 2017 ep 12 hyuntae woon ra eun ho dating 4

School 2017 ep 12 hyuntae woon ra eun ho dating 3

Tipsy Findings

School 2017 oh sa rang yoon kyung woo park se wan seo ji hoon

For this episode’s Tipsy Findings, let’s take a look at the cutie Sa-rang or Park Se-wan in real life.

School 2017 oh sa rang park se wan

Park Se-wan was born on September 24, 1994 in Busan, South Korea. Her previous works include MBC’s 2017 drama Radiant Office and the 2016 KBS2 TV Movie, Red Teacher.

School 2017 park se wan oh sa rang goblin

And in case Park Se-wan’s face looks oddly familiar to you, it’s because she is one of the ghosts in the hit tvN drama Goblin. Park Se-wan played the student ghost whom Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun) helped by tidying up her dorm and filling up her refrigerator with snacks so as not to concern her grieving mom.

School 2017 park se wan goblin ghost oh sa rang

Now that Tae-woon and Eun-ho are officially dating, will PDnim bless us with more squeal-worthy scenes? I’m excited for Ep 13. Annyeong!

School 2017 ep 12 hyuntae woon ra eun ho dating

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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CTTO to the Park Se-wan pics

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