Park Hae-jin, Nana, Kwak Si-yang to top bill romantic thriller Four Men

Heads up my fellow K-drama drunkards! We have a full house and an oppa overload for upcoming SBS drama Four Men (also known as Four Sons).

Park Hae-jin (Man to Man),  After School’s Nana (The Good Wife) and Kwak Si-yang (Chicago Typewriter) will headline the romantic thriller. The series will revolve around a female detective, Nana, who lost her lover and will meet a man with the same face, Park Hae-jin. And according to reports, the latter will play four different roles, as the title suggests.

Kwak Si-yang, who made my heart flutter since his Oh My Ghostess days, will portray an elite officer and Nana‘s sunbae. I think this drama will keep me on my toes if PDnim decided to push the love triangle angle. It will be a hard oppa match between Kwak Si-yang and Park Hae-jin.

NU’EST flower boy and Produce 101 alum Ren (born as Choi Min-ki) will also join Four Men as Nana‘s bright and dependable brother. As a LOVE (NU’EST fandom), this news is like mana from heaven.

Rounding the supporting cast are Kyung Soo-jin (Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo), who will play as Nana‘s best-friend cum reporter, and Jo Hyun-jae, who will once again take a villainous role as Park Hae-jin‘s older brother. Jo Hyun-jae‘s character is also described as a selfish and ambitious chaebol heir who wants to trample on his younger sibling.

SBS Four Men Four Sons Jo Hyun Jae Kyung Soo Jin

Kim Jae-young, who worked on Cheese in the Trap, will write Four Sons and Oh Ji-suk, who is behind Yong Pal and My Sassy Girl, will direct the drama. Four Men is 100% pre-produced and will start filming on November. The upcoming SBS series is expected to air early next year.

Based on early reports, Four Men is the prequel of Park Hae-jin’s JTBC show Man to Man.

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