AKMU’s Suhyun, Produce 101’s Kwon Hyun-bin to pair up for Part-Time Idol

Akdong Musician’s Suhyun and Produce 101 alum Kwon Hyun-bin team up for upcoming SBS drama Part-Time Idol (also known as Temporary Idols), a collaboration between YG K Plus and SBS Mobidic.

As the title suggests, the show will revolve around idol trainees and a successful producer who plans on making a co-ed group after coming back from hiatus.

Actresses Kim Hee-jung (School 2015) and Hwang Seung-un (Madame Antoine) will also join the series. Kim Hee-jung will play a highly skilled but short-tempered trainee while Hwang Seun-un will take the role of a bright character who is on the edge of giving up her dreams due to stage fright.

Part time idol temporary idols kim heejung hwang seung un

Kwon Hyun-bin is set to play an overconfident trainee. On the other hand, Suhyun‘s character is described as a singer who already debuted and is trying to succeed without his brother.

Part-Time Idol will have 10 episodes and is expected to premiere online in mid-November. The staff hope that the drama will also air on TV.

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