K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 13

Jal jinesseoyo? I hope everyone’s doing great. School 2017 Episode 12 ended with Tae-woon and Eun-ho officially dating, but before looking at the things they’ve done as a couple let me share with you the back story of these two beautiful characters, Seo Bo-ra (Han Bo-bae) and Hwang Young-gun (Ha Seung-ri).

school 2017 ep 13 ra eun ho hyun tae woon date

Young-gun was one of the people who made Geumdo High School a living hell for Bo-ra, but for the past few episodes, PDnim has been hinting that they have something in the past. School 2017 Episode 13 explained to us what happened to these two.

Tough Love

While patrolling the school at night, Officer Han and Young-gun bumped into Bo-ra and the cop asked the latter to join them. After they finished, Bo-ra became curious of the police officer’s handcuff and Young-gun tried to act tough and said that it looks like a toy. Officer Han then put the cuffs on the girls’ wrists and pretended she forgot the key at the station.

school 2017 ep 13 young gun bo ra handcuffs

The two sat in awkward silence but Young-gun started acting irritated. Bo-ra responded by saying that she doesn’t mind them being stuck together because it’s the only way for Young-gun to listen to her. This is the part where we got the chance to know their back story. Young-gun was mad at Bo-ra for “betraying” her.

school 2017 ep 13 young gun seo bora

Bo-ra admits that she did betray Young-gun and that she would do it again if it means saving her friend’s life. Yep, the two were close friends but had a falling off after Bo-ra asked the police’s help to stop a serious fight involving Young-gun. This incident branded Young-gun as a delinquent.

Bo-ra’s sudden nosebleed transports us back to the time when Young-gun was a caring friend to the former. Like Tae-woon and Dae-hwi, I believe these two will reconcile soon.

school 2017 ep 13 bora young gun reconcile nosebleedschool 2017 ep 13 young gun bora old friends nosebleed


Okay there are two scenes in School 2017 Ep 13 that made my noona heart go pit-a-pat. First, when Officer Han and Teacher Shim were having a fight on their different ways of disciplining the students. Officer Han said that she feels thoughtless every time the male teacher calls her out. Mr. Shim then apologized to the pretty police officer, saying that he always speak the wrong words and it is not his intention to offend her. Officer Han responded by asking if Teacher Shim is saying sorry or if he’s confessing his feelings.

school 2017 ep 13 kiss teacher shim officer han sunhwa

Mr. Shim was ofcourse speechless so Officer Han, being the amazing woman that she is, made the first move and kissed the teacher on the cheek. I salute you Officer Han, pil seung!

school 2017 ep 13 teacher shim kiss officer han sunhwa

Second was during Eun-ho and Tae-woon’s first date as a couple. I was already giving the Hot Rebel some eye-rolls when he made Eun-ho carry their food while strolling, I thought to my self, isn’t he a bit inconsiderate? But then he did this!

school 2017 ep 13 kiss hyun tae woon ra eun ho sejeong

Yaaaah, Tae-woonie! Why do you do this to me? Hihihi!

school 2017 ep 13 kiss ra eun ho hyun tae woon

Geumdo High School Snippets

The Brat Gang starts bullying Nam-joo after finding out her secret. Dae-hwi shows his fang while trying to defend his ex-girlfriend.

school 2017 ep 13 expired food principal sarang mother

Sa-rang’s mom found out that the school cafeteria has been serving expired food. She reports it to the principal but the latter tells her to mind her own business.

school 2017 ep 13 student x taewoon daehwi sarang eunho

The X Brigade has been officially formed. They messed with the school canteen and Principal Yang for feeding students expired food which also caused Eun-ho to get sick.

Sa-rang has been feeling down but the handsome guitar man Kyung-woo cheers him up.

school 2017 ep 13 yoon kyung woo sarang

Kyung-woo tries to lift Sa-rang’s spirit using Issue but the idol probably felt like he’s just invading the two’s date. Aiiiiing!

school 2017 ep 13 oh sarang yoon kyung woo issue sf9


Okay, next to Kyung-woo and Sa-rang’s interaction, this is definitely my favorite scene, Tae-woon  dancing to BTS Boy in Luv! Here’s my Kang daddy Baekho for comparison, kekeke.

Tipsy Findings

ha seung ri beautiful school 2017

Does Young-gun look familiar to you? Well, it’s because you’ve probably seen her in other dramas. Ha Seung-ri debuted with the 1999 SBS program, Trap of Youth as a child actress. She also participated in the popular 2010 KBS series, King of Baking, Kim Tak-goo (also known as Bread, Love and Dreams) alongside School 2015 alum Kim So-hyun.

Personally, I’ve seen her first in the 2010 hit movie Sunny where she played the daughter of the present Im Na-mi (Yoo Ho-jeong). I’ve also watched two dramas where she played the youth version of the main characters.

First in KBS2’s Unkind Ladies (also known as Unkind Women) as the young Kim Hyun-sook (Chae Shi-ra) and in tvN’s 2015 drama Twenty Again (also known as Second Time Twenty Years Old), where she played the young Ha No-ra (Choi Ji-woo).  Fun fact, in Twenty Again, Ha Seung-ri played opposite fellow School 2017 star Kim Hee-chan, who portrayed the young version of Lee Sang-yoon‘s character.

Ha Seung-ri also starred in the 2014 SBS saeguk Secret Door where she took the role of Queen Jeongsu.

School 2017 Episode 13 ended with Tae-woon being entrapped by Principal Yang. Will he finally be unhooded as Student X? Let’s catch Episode 14 to find out.

school 2017 ep 13 finale student x tae woon vs principal


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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