K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 14

With just two episodes away from the finale, the K-Drama genies decided to play a trick on our lovely Oh Sa-rang and made her face a difficult decision. School 2017 Episode 14 challenged the selfless daughter to choose between her friends and her mom.

School 2017 ep 14 oh sa rang sad park se wan

Love’s Struggle

For the past episodes, I love how PDnim has been building up Sa-rang and her mom’s story. This is one of the things I love about K-Dramas, the producers take time to give the supporting cast a story of their own and a share of the lime light.

School 2017 ep 14 oh sa rang principal yang

With Principal Yang having strong suspicions on Eun-ho’s involvement with Student X, he now turns his eyes on Sa-rang. The corrupt school official figured out that he can easily blackmail Eun-ho’s best-friend using her mom’s job as a janitress. Principal Yang pressured the cleaning services company to fire Sa-rang’s mother.

Seeing her mom suffer, Sa-rang faced a tough situation. She now has to choose between loyalty to her friends and her love for her omma.

A flashback also showed us how Sa-rang’s mom was so happy wearing her uniform the day she got the job at Geumdo High School. Sa-rang lovingly dispelled omma’s worry that she might be embarrassed of her.

Of Friendship and Betrayal

Sa-rang’s pressure has been growing and she takes it out on Eun-ho, especially with the latter defending Tae-woon’s actions as Student X.

School 2017 ep 14 oh sa rang fight with hyun tae woon

The next day, Sa-rang hesitantly brought the drone used to prank Principal Yang to the school official’s office. But before she enters the room Eun-ho grabbed her arm and stopped her.

School 2017 ep 14 oh sa rang betrayal spy

Eun-ho and Sa-rang then engaged in a heated confrontation. Eun-ho frustratingly asked her best-friend why she can’t tell her what’s wrong when they used to say everything to each other. Sa-rang reminded Eun-ho that she was the one who kept a secret first. Eun-ho then argued that it was not her story to tell since it’s Tae-woon’s concern and that she already explained it to Sa-rang. Sa-rang coldly replied that Eun-ho did not explain the situation to her, she merely notified her.

Schooln 2017 Ep 14 ra eun ho oh sa rang fight sejeong

I take my hats off both to Sejeong and Park Se-wan for giving justice to this scene. Both rookie stars made Eun-ho and Sa-rang’s fight believable. Especially when Eun-ho asked Sa-rang “Is this all you amounted to?” And the latter replying, “This is all you think of me, so I have no reason not to.”

School 2017 ep 14 oh sa rang ra eun ho fight

All’s Well That Ends Well

School 2017 ep 14 principal yang on sa rang

After Eun-ho’s argument with her best-friend, Principal Yang was shown waiting for Student X after receiving the drone from Sa-rang. The first person to arrive was Eun-ho who pretended she knew nothing about the hooded prankster. Next was Sa-rang’s mom who bravely confronted Principal Yang again for serving expired food at the school cafeteria.

Pricipal Yang reasoned out that the janitress does not have any proof, even saying that the kids won’t die from eating expired food. Omma then showed the X Brigade’s video of the spoiled food at the school kitchen. Turns out Tae-woon and the rest of the gang showed the video to her. Sa-rang’s mom warns Principal Yang that she will show the footage to TV stations and to the Ministry of Education.

Out of the blue, Director Hyun appeared with Tae-woon and witnessed the two’s exchange.

The Magic of Friendship

So how did the X Brigade planned their latest mission? Eun-ho and Sa-rang had a heart-to-heart conversation after their fight. They talked about each other’s side, with Sa-rang revealing Principal Yang’s threats and Eun-ho promising to help omma.

School 2017 ep 14 oh sa rang ra eun ho reconcile

PDnim then showed a montage of Sa-rang feeling alienated towards Eun-ho’s relationship with Tae-woon and her new found friendship with Bo-ra. I believe that Sa-rang’s prickliness is not just because of Principal Yang’s actions but also because she felt disconnected with Eun-ho. Sa-rang felt left out and jealous after her best-friend gained new friends and seemed to not need her anymore. The montage ended with Eun-ho and Bo-ra asking Sa-rang to join them.

School 2017 ep 14 ra eun ho oh sa rang seo bo ra friends

Sa-rang says, “Minor misunderstandings weaken relationships. But that weakness creates an opportunity. An opportunity for a new encounter, an opportunity to reaffirm a longstanding relationship. The best way to heal the weakness is to hold each other’s hands firmly.”

The Sensible Guitar Man

School 2017 ep 14 oh sa rang yoon kyung woo park sewan seo jihoon

Sa-rang was walking on the school grounds when suddenly Kyung-woo joined her but kept quiet. Sa-rang asked him why he’s not asking her anything and whether he’s curious of what’s going on. Kyung-woo’s response made my poor noona heart melt. He told Sa-rang that he’s not curious but worried. I guess the K-Drama genies have been hearing my prayers for more Kyung-woo and Sa-rang squeal-worthy moments.

Kyung-woo said, “I’m not curious. I’m worried. You’re wise, so you’ll handle the problem very well. It’s just I hope you don’t get too hurt.” Sa-rang responded with a slight smile and I was like, “Yah! Sa-rang! Hug him already or better yet kiss him!”

School 2017 Episode 14 Catch Up

Eun-ho helped Tae-woon escape when he was entrapped by Principal Yang.

Schooln 2017 Ep 14 ra eun ho rescue tae woon student x

Eun-ho was brought by Teacher Shim and Tae-woon to the hospital due to food poisoning.

School 2017 ep 14 ra eun ho sick hospital hyun tae woon

Nam-joo kept skipping school after being bullied by the Brat Gang and Dae-hwi seemed to miss her.

Upon learning that Officer Han will be removed from Geumdo High due to poor performance, Teacher Shim heads to the police station and mustered up the courage to do this!

Schooln 2017 Ep 14 teacher shim kiss officer han sunhwa

After leaving the hospital, Eun-ho and Tae-woon passed by a flower shop but the latter told his girlfriend that he won’t give her flowers because she fits receiving grilled meat more.

But of course the Hot Rebel won’t miss the chance to make our hearts skip a beat. Eun-ho found a bouquet of flowers in her locker.

School 2017 ep 14 ra eun ho tae woon flowers locker

Tipsy Findings

Here are more behind the scene pics of our School 2017 cast. Enjoy!

  • Kim Jung-hyun and Kim Sejeong

School 2017 kim sejeong kim junghyun behind the scene ra eunho hyun taewoon

  • SF9‘s Rowoon (Issue)

School 2017 sf9 rowoon issue

  • Choi Sung-min, Seo Ji-hoon, Kim Jung-hyun and Hong Kyung

School 2017 seo jihoon kim junghyun choi sungmin hong kyung kyung woo tae woon

  • Here’s my Kyung-woo (Seo Ji-hoon) oppa being cute as hell, kekeke.

School 2017 Episode 14 ended with Director Hyun confronting Tae-woon about being X and telling him that Eun-ho will be expelled.  What do you think will happen to our sassy heroine in Ep 15? Let’s see then.

School 2017 ep 14 hyun tae woon father confront student x


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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