K-Drama Reaction: School 2017 | Episode 15

“Maybe this was what love meant after all: sacrifice and selflessness. It did not mean hearts and flowers and a happy ending, but the knowledge that another’s well-being is more important than one’s own.”

―Melissa de la Cruz, Lost in Time

We’re an episode away from School 2017 finale. Now, let’s take a look at how Ra Eun-ho and Hyun Tae-woon are showing their love to one another by means of sacrifice.

school 2017 ep 15 hyun tae woon tells ra eun ho i only love you

Falling on a Grenade

I’ve read somewhere that soldiers in war choose to fall or jump on time-fused grenades instead of throwing them away. Why? It’s not because they were trained to do so, it’s a soldier’s selfless act of sacrifice to save his comrades and those around him. I’d like to think this is what Eun-ho and Tae-woon are doing. Both are trying to throw him or herself in front of a grenade to save the other.

First, Tae-woon tries to stand up to his father telling him that he won’t let Eun-ho pay for his wrongdoings as Student X. But Director Hyun tells his son that he will find other reasons to expel Eun-ho.

school 2017 ep 15 hyun tae woon tells eun ho to pin him

Second, Tae-woon asks Eun-ho to turn him in the moment she gets accused as Student X. Eun-ho jokingly agrees but also asked her boyfriend if Director Hyun will frame her. The Hot Rebel assures Eun-ho that he will protect her no matter what. Eun-ho tries to cheer up Tae-woon but we all know that she’s worrying as well since the look on her face changed when he looked away.

school 2017 ep 15 kim hee chan principal yang webtoon

With Hee-chan acting as the devil’s advocate, Principal Yang used Eun-ho’s webtoon to pin her as Student X. The principal argued that Eun-ho’s drawings are too realistic to what had happened and can serve as an evidence for her expulsion. Eun-ho kept her silence on who really X is.

school 2017 ep 15 ra eun ho principal yang student x

Tae-woon got mad, telling Eun-ho that she should have turned him in. Eun-ho’s response is like a cold water splashed on Tae-woon’s face. She said, “You’re telling me to sell you out to save myself. Don’t hold my hand…you’re saying let go when things get tough.” Eun-ho even warned Tae-woon that she’ll quit school the moment he sacrificed himself to save her.

school 2017 ep 15 ra eun ho hyun tae woon fight

Tae-woon tries to reason out with his dad again, and asked him why he uses innocent people to protect him. Director Hyun answered back that he’ll do anything to save his son. Tae-woon appealed to his father that he’ll do what ever he likes in exchange of not using Eun-ho as a scapegoat because “she is a girl with a lot of dreams.”

school 2017 ep 15 ra eun ho tells family on expulsion

Eun-ho heartrendingly tells her family about her expulsion, saying that she’ll be happier once she quits school. We all know this is a big lie. The next day, Tae-woon overheard Eun-ho and Sa-rang’s conversation, Eun-ho tearfully tells her friend that she’s not okay because she loves going to school but doesn’t want Tae-woon to get hurt.

One thing I noticed about South Korean actors is the way they can act through their eyes. Kim Jung-hyun was impressive in this scene. He did not have a single line but the look in his eyes clearly conveyed the emotion he wants the viewers to feel.

school 2017 ep 15 hyun tae woon sad

Falling on a Grenade II – The Great Reveal

After hearing Eun-ho’s heartbreaking talk with Sa-rang, Tae-woon decided to use himself to cover the grenade for his girlfriend. During the announcement of Eun-ho’s expulsion, Student X attacked the school officials yet again, showing a video of the principal and the vice principal’s corrupt acts.

school 2017 ep 15 hyun tae woon reveal student x ra eun ho

Tae-woon, in front of the school officials, his classmates, his father, and despite Eun-ho’s opposition, unhooded himself as Student X.

school 2017 ep 15 hyun tae woon revelation student x

Who Run the World? Omma!

Omma, appa and oppa stormed into Principal Yang’s office in their best dress to demand the school official to fill out Eun-ho’s school withdrawal form. The principal rudely tried to dismiss Eun-ho’s family but omma won’t back down!

Ommaya, Dae-hwiya ❤

school 2017 ep 15 song dae hwi hong nam joo cafe

While Dae-hwi was watching Nam-joo entering her house from afar, his ex-girlfriend’s father arrived. Mr. Perfect then had a heart-to-heart talk with Nam-joo’s father. He drove him home and asked him to look out for her daughter. Nam-joo’s father even told Dae-hwi that Nam-joo didn’t lie with bad intentions and that they were really living a good life before his business went down. Dae-hwi instantly felt guilty for the way he treated Nam-joo.

school 2017 ep 15 song dae hwi nam joo father taxi

Dae-hwi has been missing Nam-joo since the day she started skipping school. An underclassman even gave Dae-hwi some drinks and her number after hearing that he no longer has a girlfriend.

school 2017 ep 15 song dae hwi sweet hong nam joo jang dong yoon

First things first, I am not a fan of exes getting back together. But the way Dae-hwi reached out to Nam-joo made me melt.

school 2017 ep 15 song dae hwi hong nam joo cafe i miss you

Mr. Perfect is indeed smooth.  He even asked Nam-joo to go back to school and assured her that he will protect her. Nam-joo was unfazed by Dae-hwi’s promise so he finally told her what he has been feeling, he told Nam-joo that he misses her. ❤

school 2017 ep 15 song dae hwi i miss you hong nam joo jang dong yoon

Tipsy Findings

Here are some photos of the School 2017 cast arriving at their wrap-up party.

Kim Sejeong (Ra Eun-ho) and Kim Jung-hyun (Hyun Tae-woon)

Jang Dong-yoon (Song Dae-hwi) and Sunhwa (Police Oficer Han)

My favorite School 2017 couple Seo Ji-hoon (Yoon Kyung-woo) and Park Se-wan (Oh Sa-rang)

school 2017 finale party park se wan seo ji hoon oh sa rang yoon kyung woo

SF9 Rowoon (Issue) and Han Bo-bae (Seo Bo-ra)

school 2017 finale party park sf9 rowoon issue han bo bae seo bo ra

Kim Hee-jung (Ra Eun-ho’s mom), Park Chul-min (Vice Principal Park) and Min Sung-wook (Teacher Jung).

school 2017 finale party mother ra eun ho omma kim hee jung park chul min vice principal park min sung wook teacher jung

Ha Seung-ri ( Hwang Young-gun), Song Yoo-jung (Choi Hyun-jung), Z.Hera (Yoo Bit-na), Kim Hee-chan (Kim Hee-chan), Hong Kyung (Won Byung-goo) and SPEED’s Choi Sung-min (Han Duk-soo)

school 2017 finale party speed choi sung min zhera yoo bit na kim hee chan hong kyung won byung goo hwang young gun ha seung ri choi hyun jung song yoo jung

With Tae-woon revealing to the whole school that he is Student X, what do you think will happen next? Let’s find out in the final episode and bid goodbye to our beloved School 2017 characters. Annyeong!

school 2017 ep 15 hyun tae woon reveals student x

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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