Hyeri to play opposite Cho Jung-seok in MBC fanstasy romcom Two Cops

MBC’s upcoming fantasy drama, Two Cops, is offering a refreshing pairing with Hyeri (Entertainer) confirming she accepted the series’ female lead role.

The Girl’s Day member will play Song Ji-An, a brazen female reporter assigned to the city desk department. She will find herself involved with Cho Jung-seok’s (Jealousy Incarnate) character, Detective Cha Dong-Tak, a dedicated homicide detective whose body will be possessed by a swindler’s spirit named Gong Soo-chang. Meanwhile, Choi Woo-shik (The Package) is still considering an offer to play a major supporting role.

Filming for the Two Cops will begin in October. The fantasy investigative romance drama is set to air on Mondays and Tuesdays time slot following the conclusion of 20th Century Boy and Girl.

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