K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 13

The search is on for the notorious neighborhood assailant! We take a long rest from the time travelling shenanigans and focus more into the dark side of the story. Pil (Jaejoong) is restless after another assault incident, especially now that the latest victim happened to be Goo-gil hyung.


Goo-gil is safe (thankfully!) and is now on recovery mode. And Pil is determined to catch the culprit. Thankfully, Goo-gil was able to remember one important detail that can lead to the identification of the assailant – a scar on his wrist. Pil suspects Jae-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan) after seeing his broken key chain, a very dubious coincidence knowing that he found a matching piece of ornament from the previous assault incident location. This made Pil believe that Jae-hyun is the assailant, and the creep does not even bat an eye. He even provoked Pil to find an evidence that will pin him down. Are you that sure the police can’t catch you?


I cannot blame Soo-jin (UEE) for continuously trusting her husband despite all the pieces of evidence that may cause her to be doubtful of him. She even had this very tensed confrontation with Young-ju about Jae-hyun’s previous assault case and mental health. So he was convicted for assault and got confined in a mental hospital before this??? I am not surprised! But one thing that bugs me is why on earth Jae-hyun involves himself in these incidents? Is his mental state that unstable to be able to beat random people without reason?

Manhole 13 (3)

Now that Soo-jin already knows Jae-hyun is the neighborhood assailant, I worry for her safety. What are the odds that Jae-hyun will hurt his wife?

Manhole 13 (6)


Everyone is having a hard time believing Pil’s allegations¬†that Jae-hyun had something to do with the assault incidents. They all knew Jae-hyun as this charming and kind husband of Soo-jin. They even defend him from Pil’s accusations. Just when you thought they were all Pil’s childhood friends, no one bothered to listen to Pil’s side and even accused him of hating on Jae-hyun too much because of his unrequited love for Soo-jin.

Manhole 13 (1)

But now that Goo-gil saw himself that Jae-hyun had that same scar just like his assailant, will they believe Pil now? Can Pil just go inside that manhole and forget all of these things?



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