K-Drama Rewind: My Love From Another Star

Would you believe that My Love From Another Star (aka You Who Came From the Stars, You From Another Star) aired four years ago already? Shown on SBS from December 2013 to February 2014, it was one of the most highest rating modern romantic comedies, with an extended run due to popular demand.

My Love From The Star Poster 2

The series was a major hit not only in South Korea but across Asia. Jun Ji-hyun even won the Daesang (the highest award for television in South Korea) at the Baeksang Arts Awards and the SBS Drama Awards. This is also the second collaboration between Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun, who previously worked together in the blockbuster heist film The Thieves.

The Thieves

For the second installment of my birthday series, Grumpy Flashback offers you another personal favorite of mine. This undeniably popular drama was Jun Ji-hyun’s small screen comeback after 14 years, and Kim Soo-hyun’s continued streak as a bankable male lead. Get ready to warp through space as this drama will prove to us that love conquers even the most unbelievable fantasies of human existence.


My Love From Another Star was a romantic comedy fantasy about an alien who landed on earth during the Joseon era and 400 years later, falls in love with a haughty top actress in the modern age.

MLFAS Kiss (2)

  • Epic pilot episode

Our hero Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) is an alien from the planet KMT 184.05 who came to earth along with his fellow aliens in the year 1609. He met an accident which caused him to be left behind and lived for 400 years in the planet.

MLFAS Pilot.gif

This is one of the few dramas that had its pilot episode stuck with me so vividly that I have to mention it here. That epic time slice effect was a great way to introduce the fantasy element of this show. And the fancy Joseon era story line was also so good that it can pass as a standalone sageuk.

  • Han Yoo-ra’s death

Aside from the main couple’s love story, the drama was also backed by a mystery thriller plot on the death of Song-yi’s nemesis Han Yoo-ra (Yoo In-young). This is where the acting prowess of another hot actor caught my attention. This drama’s main villain, Lee Jae-kyung (Shin Sung-rok) was undoubtedly one of this drama’s assets. He was so scary that his character always made it to any list of top K-drama villains of numerous websites.

  • Sinking second lead ship

My Love From Another Star was also where I fell in love with Park Hae-jin! His character Lee Hwi-kyung’s decades-long one-sided love with Song-yi was one of the most heartbreaking second lead ships of dramaland!

MLFAS Hwi-kyung

  • Hilarious heroine Cheon Song-yi

Our favorite sassy girl Jun Ji-hyun is Cheon Song-yi personified! I can’t even imagine another actress portraying this very blunt Hallyu star, complete with all the hilarious antics!

From episode 1 to 21, all I did was laugh at Song-yi’s English expressions, outrageous behavior, and drunken moments! I am not even ashamed to admit that I am one of the thousands of girls who scoured through the interwebz just to find that Yves Saint Laurent lipstick shade that Jun Ji-hyun wore in the drama. The ahjummamshies squad is also still into the chicken and beer craze up to this day!

  • Alien professor Do Min-joon

What I also loved about this drama was how smart Do Min-joon’s (Kim Soo-hyun) character was written. His lectures and words of wisdom were always on point. He was Song-yi’s superhero and also my heart’s savior. I can still remember how I looked forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays because of Do Min-joon. I was able to get through three tough months of my chaotic life because of this fun ride.

His closeness with Song-yi’s brother Cheon Yoon-jae (Ahn Jae-hyun) was also very adorable! Whenever they share the same screen, it was cuteness overload!

MLFAS Jae-hyun (2)

Also the use of plants to visually describe Do Min-joon’s state of mind (and health) was so clever. During his happy days, the plants are healthy. But whenever he feels under the radar, the plants wither, too.

  • Epic chemistry for the books

But no matter how much I loved the drama, I will not forget how conflicted I felt during its finale. The use of the wormhole trope to pull off the fantasy element of the show was a bit lousy on the part of the creative team, but because the drama was so good in its entirety, I think it’s safe to say that the plot holes could easily be forgiven.

MLFAS Kiss (3)

Nevertheless, this drama still tops my noona romance favorites! Who would forget this sweet yet funny confession of Song-yi?

Song-yi: I clearly tried to seduce you for 15 seconds. Did I get seduced too?

Min-joon: What?

Song-yi: What do you think of me? No, no, no! Don’t answer that! You’re dead if you do!

Min-joon:  *speechless*

MLFAS Confession (2)


Song-yi: Because I’m extremely embarrassed, I will say it with my back turned, so you just need to listen. I’m not usually like this. Of course, I acknowledge that I’m grateful for all this time. But still, am I not someone who can’t differentiate that feeling against feeling grateful? No, I’m not. If we’re going with being grateful, I should be more grateful to Hwi-kyung. But why should I be thinking about you? I’m a woman who’s been thought about. My airport fashion, the lipstick that I use, my shining hair… I was always the topic of others. Why should I with your words… why you… the kiss with you… Ah, have I gone crazy? How am I as a woman? No! You’re dead if you answer that!

To cap off this throwback entry, let me share Do Min-joon’s heartfelt goodbye speech in the finale when it was time for him to leave Song-yi. I can still remember how I ugly cried when my favorite alien uttered these words.

Don’t wear clothes that show off your skin when it’s cold, you’re prettier when you cover more. Like I said, no kiss scene or back hug scene, no passionate melodrama. Don’t get sick. Don’t read haters’ comments. Don’t sing and cry alone. Don’t eat alone. Don’t get drunk and go into random houses. And don’t look at the sky and wonder if it’s this star or that star… you can’t see it from here. But I’m going to watch you every day. From there, I will watch this place every day where you live. But… if I can’t make it…then forget everything.”

There is a quote in “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks which I think suits this heartfelt drama best: “The scariest thing about distance is you don’t know if they’ll miss you or forget about you.” Maybe this is what Do Min-joon was talking about when he told Song-yi to just forget everything they had if it took him a while to return to her. It’s like looking at the same cosmic fate but from different points of view. But that’s what makes love greater. You know it’s true love once you are willing to wait for that same person, fall in love with that same person over and over again despite life’s uncertainties. Now if you are Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi, can you trust in the magic of true love, too?


MLFAS Do Min-joon (4)

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