K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 14

We witnessed Manhole’s diversion from its original time travelling rule once again, and the logic of it all seemed to be completely lost this time. I never expected the drama to follow one single rule anyway, so I welcome any approach in reaching the finale. We are down to the last two weeks of the show, and I can sense we are about to find answers to the long-standing questions soon. And for me, the most important question is: will Pil ever get the timing right this time?


Today’s episode highlights delved into the complicated relationships of the following people. They are some of the most exciting plot point that I look forward to in the show (I love Jin-sook and Suk-tae too, but they were not highlighted in this episode). This episode surprisingly made me cry, one of the few times that I was touched by this drama.


Ah, these two. As much as I wanted to be Jung-ae (Kim Min-ji) to be happy with the man she wants to be with, I can’t help but feel sad because this could mean that either Dal-soo (Lee Sang-yi) or Goo-gil (Kang Hong-suk) will be chosen. Can she just choose the two of them? I know that the relationship of Dal-soo, Jung-ae, and Goo-gil is not that shallow. They are not just your typical who-wants-the-girl-more type of love triangle. Underneath that quandary lies their friendship, a bond that has been tested through the years.

Growing up, Dal-soo and Goo-gil are both aware that they love the same girl, and there were times that they even faced off to get her affection, but as we all know Jung-ae loved Dal-soo from the start. But this did not stop Goo-gil, though. And when Dal-soo and Jung-ae met the biggest challenge of their relationship, Goo-gil was there, ready to lend his shoulders for the crying girl of his dreams. He was not there to take Jung-ae away from Dal-soo or heck use this chance of a lifetime to steal Jung-ae’s heart. He was there as a friend – both to Jung-ae and Dal-soo. So when he got the chance to confront his friend why he left the girl they both loved, Dal-soo’s reply was the most heartfelt answer.

Manhole 14 (7)

Good thing Jung-ae was there to hear the conversation too. I felt proud of both Dal-soo and Goo-gil for being able to man up and have that much needed heart-to-heart talk. I am proud of Goo-gil for finally asking Dal-soo why on earth did he leave, and Dal-soo for telling him the truth. Dal-soo left not because he did not love Jung-ae anymore; it was because he wanted her to be happy. Maybe for Dal-soo, happiness means not being bugged by his elitist family, and that’s fine. But Goo-gil argued that Dal-soo must not have loved Jung-ae enough to be able to fight for her.

Manhole 14 (11)

But Dal-soo’s rebuttal made more sense. Maybe Goo-gil can say that easily because he was always ready to stand up for Jung-ae… and although Dal-soo did not love Jung-ae any less, Goo-gil loved her more than he can, more than he would ever do. And Jung-ae is better off with Goo-gil than him.

Manhole 14 (1)


Soo-jin (UEE) finally realized (and confirmed!) that her husband had a dark side. She literally spent the entire episode running away from him, looking for refuge from her friends. She went to Jin-sook at first, but because her dear friend was busy running her restaurant, she had no time to listen to Soo-jin’s current dilemma.

She took a long time hesitating whether or not to call Pil (Jaejoong) for help, and when she does, it’s too late for her. Jae-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan) already transformed into his psychopath self, and as a not so unexpected turn of events, ended up running over Soo-jin! But what got me surprised in this story development was the fact that Jae-hyun had the nerve to show up at the hospital, acting all worried about his wife’s “hit-and-run” incident. What’s with this guy, jeongmal?!

Manhole 14 (4)

Thank the K-drama heavens, Soo-jin was able to remember everything despite the accident. She even recognized Jae-hyun as the driver of the hit-and-run car! And because the entire squad was so diligent in being good friends, they were able to reopen the magical manhole again, despite all their doubts on Pil’s claims. Sometimes, all you need is one pint of trust in a sea of disbelief, right? They were able to revive the manhole, and when the clock strikes midnight, BOTH Pil and Soo-jin traveled back to past!

Manhole 14 (9)

But don’t get your hopes up just yet! They only traveled days back to the scene of Soo-jin’s accident! LOL Manhole, you playful little wench. What do you think Pil will do this time?

Manhole 14 (8)Manhole 14 (10)

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