K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Ship | Episodes 13-14

There will be this one person that can take down the wall you built around yourself and steal your heart like a thief.

A Doctor’s Hand
The time for Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-hyuk) to face his fears has come. He was the only one who could save one of Seol Jae-chan’s students who was injured in the bus accident. And of course, he had to do the intubation that he dreaded to perform. Losing the capability to do a basic medical procedure must have been really hard for Hyun as he was frozen in fear of making a mistake again. But thanks to the encouraging words of Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won) he finally conquered his trauma.

Can I just say Eun-jae is a good life coach. I really like how she convinced Hyun to face his fears. It felt like she was leaving the decision to Hyun rather than pushing him to do something he is not ready yet. It was, after all, his decision to make. She was just there to remind him that he is actually prepared for such scenario; he just needed to take one more step. And he did!

The Lonely Young Master
If I have one complaint about this series, it would probably be the lack of screen time for our equally damaged Korean Medicine doctor. I’m only getting bits and pieces to Kim Jae-geol’s (Lee Seo-won) past. But I think his character arc is slowly progressing as Eun-jae is starting to actually trust him. She’s beginning to understand him and I think that is how this series is tackling each character. Eun-jae seems to be the catalyst for other characters to deal with their problems while she, on the other hand, learn from their lives.

A Lucid Dream
I’m not sure if people with Alzheimer’s can really have moments of normality like Kwak Sung but it really was touching to see him recognized his son for awhile that I don’t care about technicalities anymore. No matter how strong Hyun seems to be, taking care of his father must be emotionally exhausting for him. It was evident when he confessed his inner most thoughts to Eun-jae. That scene was really jjang, for lack of better description. Hyun was so comfortable sharing his woes to Eun-jae it was not a surprised it led to a knee-buckling kiss scene.

The Collapsing Wall
Hyun and Eun-jae’s relationship is a really romantic ride for me as a viewer. Even without the kiss, I was already rooting for these two as a couple. I doubted their chemistry at first but the two actors make it work like magic. Their characters are so appealing on their own but their interaction is a thrill to watch. Now I wonder how Choi Young-Eun (Wang Ji-won) would change the smooth sailing course of their relationship.

Also, that after-the-kiss talk was a rom-com gold. It was funny yet it makes you giddy. Eun-jae nailed her medical explanation of why they kissed, blaming alcohol and hormones for the unforeseen event. Good thing Hyun can handle Eun-jae’s denial. Urgh, how can K-dramaland male leads know what to say the right things in such situations?!

Maknae’s Episode Verdict
How could they make one good episode after another? I think I’ve said this in my previous reactions already but there is no filler episode yet in this series. Every scene contributes a progress to the plot. The storytelling is just the right pace; not too slow and not too quick. While the characters are growing on their own, relationships – both romantic and platonic, are also starting to blossom.

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