K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Ship | Episodes 15-16

Even the smartest person can be a fool when they fall in love.

The Rival’s Arrival

In K-dramaland, a male lead always comes with an annoying past lover. It’s a package. Something the female lead should deal with. Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-hyuk) is no exception. His only difference is that he is so sure about his feelings. Hyun is so over his ex already and his attention is now fully on Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won). There is no doubt about it. But this is the first time Eun-jae deals with such feeling. It was understandable she keeps on pushing it away. Nurse Pyo’s observation is on point. I wonder if Hyun has the patience to wait for Eun-jae to come around her own feelings.

A Mother’s Heartbeat

I think I did a good deed this week because dramagenies rewarded me with these great episodes. And they acknowledged my observation on Kim Jae-geol’s (Lee Seo-won) story-line. Finally, I saw more of him in these episodes. Despite his grudges, Jae-geol still worries for his mother a lot. He may seem laid-back most of the time but I think he is just hiding his scars.

Introducing the Second Lead

I was torn on whether Jae-gol should develop romantic feelings toward Eun-jae because (1) I like his friendship with Hyun and Cha Joon-young (Kim In-sik) and (2) Eun-jae and Hyun’s relationship is already complicated without this added trouble. But I also think it is good for Hyun to have a rival as well. Dealing with someone as stubborn as Eun-jae could be tiring and having a constant reminder like Jae-geol will keep Hyun on his toes.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

It’s time for the series to take its turn to a more complicated route. As the characters get closer, conflicts are inevitable. I wonder how the changes in their personality will affect their decisions in what seems to be a rough sea of emotions coming their way. Will they surf on the waves or drown in despair?

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