K-Lookbook: Reply 1988 (Part 2)

A person’s youth is a time for experimentation. It is a time to experience new things, get hurt, and try again. It is also a time to know ourselves better through different experiences. But one thing is for sure, everyone wanted to show what they feel or introduce themselves to the world in any way they can.

One form of expressing how we want to portray ourselves to others is the way we dress. While we try to figure out who we really are and what we wanted to be, we also try-out clothes and trends to somehow fit-in.

Reply 1988’s characters were no exception. The nostalgic series shows how the characters change as they experience new things in their life. As a tribute to every girl who is still trying to find their place in this world but still wants to remain stylish, let’s take some inspo from the personal styles of our favorite Ssangmun-dong ladies!

Bora, the geek chic

Embrace your inner nerd just like Sung Bora! Our favorite college unnie is always smartly-dressed in the series. She may come off as headstrong and independent but she still prefers pieces of clothing that can exude her femininity.

Maknae’s tip: Eyeglasses, just like lipsticks or earrings, can help to make a look your own. So make sure to match your eyeglasses to your face shape and size before buying one. Another thing to consider is its fit, here’s a detailed article from Vogue.

The Stylish Squad

While Bora conveys a more mature approach in her style, Sung Duk-seon and her friends’ ensembles show their bubbly personalities. Duk-seon, Jang Mi-ok, and Wang Ja-hyun always wore youthful colors that makes them look refreshing. Also, pastel color has made its comeback so don’t worry looking outdated wearing your favorite pale-colored clothing piece.

 Duk-seon, the girl-next-door

The Reply series’ female leads are always clad in clothes associated with the decade their story was set on. Sung Duk-seon’s retro style is a combination of the 80s and 90s fashion trends. Noticed how cute Duk-seon is wearing her pink corduroy jacket or how adorbs she look in her bright yellow coat?

There is forever in denim

Denim of any kind could be either your fashion friend or foe. Wearing denim the right way could make any outfits sharper and more edgy looking. But always remember any clothes will look good when your confident with yourself just like Reply 1988’s quirky female lead, Duk-seon.

As Coco Chanel once said, fashion comes and go but style lasts forever. Don’t be afraid to try new things just because your young. Go ahead and be snazzy as you can be!

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2 thoughts on “K-Lookbook: Reply 1988 (Part 2)

  1. Duk-seon’s hairstyle should not be missed, too! 😄 Whenever she puts on spraynet in the series, she reminds me of my big sister’s big and fluffy bangs. It’s cool that the characters did not emphasize much on the shoulder pads, which I think is one of the most horrible trends ever created by humanity. 😣 Instead, they have given tribute to the cooler side of the 80’s fashion like the denim, which really never go out in style.

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