Hoya and Lee Si-eon join Two Cops cast

MBC is on a casting spree for Two Cops as its airing date approaches. Singer-actor Hoya (Radiant Office) and Lee Si-eon (Reunited Worlds) will join the Cho Jung-seok (Jealousy Incarnate) and Lee Hyeri (Entertainer) of Girls’ Day in the upcoming fantasy series.

The story will revolve around Cho Jung-seok’s character Detective Cha Dong-Tak, a dedicated homicide detective whose body will be possessed by a swindler’s spirit named Gong Soo-chang. The possessed detective will then encounter the brazen female reporter Song Ji-an, played by Hyeri.

Hoya will play Cho Jung-seok’s fellow detective while Si-eon’s character is described as “a legendary character who is famous for his knife skills who now runs a small bar.”

Filming for the Two Cops will begin this October. The fantasy investigative romance drama is set to air on Mondays and Tuesdays time slot following the conclusion of 20th Century Boy and Girl.

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